File Archiving -Telling A Soldiers Story!

Sometimes what we do is more interesting…

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Just wanted to give you a taste of one of our projects that went live last night.

We started this File Archiving project about 3 years ago and collaborated with the archivists in the Irish Defence Forces to help them with a very large and ambitious project.

The project goals were as follows;

  • Digitally record a copy of every Army Pension record
  • Provide public access to these records via website
  • Tell the story of the enlisted soldiers for the 1916 centenary

It was very exciting to be part of this project and to see its progression over the last few years. It was also daunting to be standing in a large warehouse with boxes and boxes of history all written out in free hand sometimes on paper that was so old it would literally crumble if you touched it.

File Archiving
The Project Storage Area – Courtesy of

They got to work scanning and recording thousands and thousands of these individual stories.

This I where we came in…….

Very quickly the age old issue arose…. This is taking up too much space!

The Solution was to deploy Waterford Technologies FileArchiver.

Now, as pension records are scanned, recorded and stored on their tier 1 storage, we move these off to cheaper disk while securely backing up these important documents in the process. Average file size of each scanned file was 300-600MB.  All files are available instantly to the archivists as stubbed files(1KB) on the Tier 1 storage. The archive software also applies a digital signature to ensure authenticity of the files in the archive.

It has proved to be a very successful collaboration and one that I am very proud we were a part of.

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