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File De-duplication

Time to trim the fat in your files You know there are vast amounts of wasted space on your file server from

Time to trim the fat in your files

You know there are vast amounts of wasted space on your file server from duplicate files. Every user’s folder has years worth of memos, policy manuals, and other organization junk. Users have copies of videos, pictures, and other “stuff”.

Many users even backup their My Documents folder into their My Documents folder every week. What a waste! It’s tough going to your boss to justify new hardware when you have no facts or evidence of what happened to all the storage space.

Managing hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes is a big nightmare. How do you de-duplicate all those files without any user disruption or buying expensive hardware? How do you know how big of a storage waste problem duplicate files are causing? Waterford Technologies provides an affordable, easy-to-install File Analyzer and File Archiver tools to make your file de-duplication effort easy and facilitating your enterprise document management system.

Contact us and end your file archiving nightmares.

File de-duplication

  • Understand what is on your file servers: File Analyzer has a Most Duplicated Files Report that goes across multiple file servers. With File Analyzer, you will immediately see how your file storage is being used and wasted
  • Clean up: File Analyzer gives you reports where you can see the oldest, most duplicates, and clear vision into the “junk” that fills up your file servers. From any report, click on a file or folder and toss it into the trash to remove the files from your file server
  • Use automated policies: File Archiver has automated policies that de-duplicate files and free up space on your file servers. Duplicate files are automatically moved to a file archive where they are compressed, encrypted and stored for automatic retrieval. The original file location contains a tiny 1K shortcut link “stub” that automatically retrieves the file from the archive. It’s seamless to users. Files are de-duplicated on to lower cost storage, cleaning up disk space and freeing up space on your expensive file server.

In a today’s economy, you have daily pressure to reduce costs and deliver more value. File Analyzer and File Archiver are the easiest and most affordable way to implement automated file de-duplication. Call us today for a quote.