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File & Email data – What’s your next shot?

Cillian Sweeney- Waterford Technologies Ben Hogan once famously said “The most important shot in golf is the next one”. Last week I

Cillian Sweeney- Waterford Technologies

Ben Hogan once famously said “The most important shot in golf is the next one”.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the British Open here in Liverpool, UK at Hoylake Golf Club. It has been on the bucket list for quite a number of years so when the opportunity presented itself to attend at this famous course on The Wirral, just 8 miles away, it was one that could not be missed. So early last Friday morning my brother, Conor, and I set off full of eager anticipation for what was to behold.

Upon arriving at Hoylake what struck us most was the sheer magnitude & organisation surrounding the event. Managing the funnel tens of thousands of fans coming from various locations must have been a logistical nightmare. And unlike regular sporting events such as GAA, football, etc, fans have to adhere to a strict code of conduct quite unlike any other. You have to supress your natural instinct to involve yourself when a player is addressing a ball – trust me, that is easier said than done. Throngs from around the globe fall into a religious silence at a moment which may prove pivotal for the golfer. If this way of supporting your hero was new to you it didn’t take long to understand this was the way, the only way.

Even at this early stage in the day one could not but admire what had the organisers had done to make this happen;

  • Setting goals
  • Planning, meticulous planning
  • Having the right personnel in place to effect the plan
  • Dedication
  • Preparation for unforeseen disasters
  • Execute the plan

At about 2pm Conor & I decided we would make our way to the practice area to watch McIlroy & Woods warm up. We ended up spending ten minutes in the company of French golfer & Ryder Cup legend, Thomas Levet. Courteous, grounded & extremely engaging, Thomas walked with just Conor & I from the golf course to the practice area pointing out activities which were being done by the organisers that were crucial to a successful Open. It was like having the curtain to a different world being pulled back briefly as we like most other fans just turned up to witness the event, oblivious to what happens behind the scenes. Of course being waved through security in his company while everyone else had to adhere to protocol was kinda cool. Upon reaching the practice area, we wished each other well, had a picture with him and went our separate ways – a memory for a lifetime had been created.

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The next 7+ hours were magical. Witnessing Rory’s sheer brilliance was breath taking. Feeling the power of Tiger’s aura even though he was not on song was powerful. The 7 hours disappeared in a flash but happened within will be recalled frequently. And at the end rather than rush off to the exit we bought 2 beers and stood in front of the clubhouse at the back of the 18th green and took a moment to take it all in – it was without doubt the perfect day.

Now we at Waterford Technologies can’t guarantee Open tickets or indeed make you a better golfer. But what we do provide are smart, easy to use  solutions for management of your file and email data, a plan & an experienced friendly team to help you all the way.

Now back to the list;

  • Setting goals – what is it you want to achieve from or within your IT environment?
  • Planning, meticulous planning – have you a plan to accomplish this?
  • Having the right personnel in place to effect the plan – do you have the expertise within your IT team or enough people to do this?
  • Dedication – have you the time/people to stick with the project to make it work or could you use external expertise?
  • Preparation for unforeseen disasters – do you know enough to plan for unexpected events?
  • Execute the plan – have you the right/enough people within your team to implement the plan successfully?

Make your next shot a visit to today to find out how we can help you get your file & email data out of the bunker.