File Server Archiving Solution

Create 80% of Storage Space with File Server Archiving

You may only think about your file server storage when your backups start having issues, or you run out of storage space altogether. When this begins to happen you might want to free up space by archiving selected files. This is when file management becomes the most important. You need to keep your files safe, organised and archived for easy access.

If you demand that your users clean up their storage you might lose important documents. These documents might be called upon at a later date. It’s important that you make them easily accessible. If you implement our archive storage solution then you’ll be able to gain control of your storage space and create a more efficient service. Our affordable, easy to install File Archiver frees up space and cuts backup times and volume by between 20 and 50%.

Make your File Server Archiving Easy Again

File Archiver frees up space on your file servers by using designated policies. Files that are old, unneeded or unused are automatically moved to a file archive. The File Archiver compresses, encrypts and safely stores the files for automatic retrieval as and when you need them. The original file location contains a 1K shortcut link “stub” that automatically retrieves the file from archive storage instantly. It is a seamless, simple process.

With File Archiver, before being stored into folders your files are:

  • Compressed
  • Encrypted
  • De-duplicated
  • Single instanced

Archive storage is an efficient, safe and cost effective way to streamline the management of your server storage and reduce your long backup time. Every file is available at the click of a button, whilst taking up a fraction of the storage space for a fraction of the price. You will be surprised how much space you can save with a File Archiving solution from Waterford Technologies. Call us today for a quote for File Archiver.

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