File Server Data Getting Out Of Control?

It’s Time to Take Action Now!

Your file server storage usage will continue to grow at an alarming rate, unless you take action. An overflowing server will cause backups times to become unacceptable or worse still, not run at all. You just cannot manage data that you cannot see. If you do not have an easy way to generate file server usage reports, then it will only result in a cumbersome and lengthy process when it comes to finding free space when the hardware fills up. It’s very difficult to justify new hardware to your finance department when you cannot provide proof of where all the storage space has disappeared to.

Although Windows provides basic tools, these are not adequate when it comes to hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes of data to analyze. However, there is a simple and affordable answer to this problem. Waterford Technologies insert link provides an affordable, easy-to-install File Analyzer File System Reporting Tool that will relieve any IT headaches in a timely manner.

File Server Usage Reports and Analysis for Quick ResultsFile server data

File Analyzer gives you file server usage reports that pays for itself and easy control over file server data

High ROI!
No more flying blind or weekends desperately searching for storage relief.
With File Analyzer, you will immediately see how your file storage is being used and wasted – by owner, by file type, by age (last modified, created, accessed), by folder path, by size, by name. You can see which files to delete or archive and clean up disk space while reclaiming valuable storage space. It’s easy to get users or managers to take action when you have the facts to show them.

In a recession, it is more important than ever before to reduce costs and increase value. File Analyzer gives you file server usage reports which will become an indicative part of your file management process.


Why not try it for yourself, a File Analyzer Tool can be downloaded for free here