File Server Management – How to do it Efficiently

Efficient File Management

Brian Murphy – Waterford Technologies

The Mailmeter File Management suite of products includes:

File Analyzer – reporting

File Analyzer provides never-before-seen intelligence into corporate file servers. With active agents installed on your file servers sending inventories of files to the File Management Analyzer/Archiver server, you have a powerful reporting solution to find unneeded data, duplicate files, users that abuse space, and data that must be secured in a permanent protected archive

File Archiver – copy, delete, move, “stub” files to archive

  • Delete unneeded files – old, irrelevant and duplicated data can be purged from your servers. For example, get rid of old PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. from 5 years ago that have been accumulating needlessly.
  • Archive files from servers to a central location –File Archiver can copy critical files, move seldom accessed files to free up expensive space, and single instance storage files duplicated in many locations to the File Archiver server storage location.
  • Stubbing” – a quick way to save space – removes files from the file servers and replaces them with “stubs” (shortcuts) to the file stored on the File Archiver server – seamless to users.


File Analyzer/Archiver – Efficient File ManagementFile server management

File Management Analyzer/Archiver offers a file management and archive solution that gives IT departments the capability to manage the millions of user files that exist on file servers.


Most IT budgets are struggling to justify additional storage and servers to meet growing user demand. The cost of the hardware and the associated resources that must be committed – people, backup processes, media, and space – are not the solution. Even though storage is getting cheaper, the cost to manage storage is skyrocketing.


File Analyzer will help you save storage space on your file servers through reporting analysis of your storage usage and then by deleting and archiving files to save space. The drill down reports zero in – which files are oldest, take up the most space, and are duplicated by server, owner, folder, and file name.

You can use File Archiver to delete unwanted files and/or archive them to another server.



Strategic Business Assets – Protecting Critical Files

You can target File Archiver to continually watch specific folders on servers and copy the files to a secured archive that is encrypted. This protects you from unauthorized user deletions and removes historical information from open network shares.


Fast Restores

Restoring a “lost” or “accidently deleted” file is quick and easy using File Archiver. Any archived file can be restored back to its original location with a simple click.

See what file server management could do for your organisation, or download our free storage savings estimator tool here