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Analyse your file server storage to manage overwhelming growth

Good storage management can enable a company to derive actionable insights from file data, improve visibility and achieve data readiness for eDiscovery and data compliance requests.

Computer systems are becoming hungrier for more storage space. Now more than ever you need to analyse your file server storage. 

Having a good data storage strategy in place is no longer an indulgence for today’s organisations. Data storage management is more important than ever because it helps free up storage space and reduces file storage costs. Good storage management can enable a company to derive actionable insights from file data, improve visibility and achieve data readiness for eDiscovery and data compliance requests.  Analyse your file server storage for free with SISCIN Preview.

Best Practices for Managing your File Server Growth  

Understand your File Data-  Every organisation faces unique challenges in terms of data storage and availability. Any plan to implement a comprehensive data management strategy must start with a clear understanding of the business value their data represents and how to leverage storage solutions that maximise that value.  

You can’t manage what you can’t see. If you do not have file management software that delivers an easy way to get reports on your file servers’ usage, then it will only result in a fire drill, when you are scrambling to find free space when the hardware fills up. What files can you delete? It’s tough going to your boss to justify new hardware when you have no facts or evidence of what happened to all the storage space. 

Take the guesswork out of what is in your storage. Identify large files and folders, delete obsolete ones and de-clutter your data to recover precious disk space.   

Think Long Term-  Successful organisations are always forward-thinking. In many cases, companies focus too much on the upfront costs of implementing a data management solution. Those data management costs represent only a fraction of the total cost of ownership, however, they must think about how their storage needs might scale in the future and what degree of flexibility they might require.  

With the removal of obsolete and the archiving of older data, you can reduce the demands on primary and expensive disk. This will also reduce your current backup time and costs by approx. 70% per month. 

Manage your Data-   Now that you understand your data, you need to take action to remove Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial data, create automatic policies to clean your data, and separate your important data for reporting, deleting, archiving, and indexing your files, this will give you back control of your data. 

Think Compliance and Maintain Visibility-  The process of storing file data brings about a variety of legal obligations. While these obligations differ from country to country and industry to industry most organisations need to be mindful of where their data live and how it is accessed. The main challenge with file data eDiscovery is the sheer volume of data. Locating and retrieving important data for litigation purposes on time is a growing challenge for organisations. Failing to consider compliance standards can result in permanent damage to a company reputation. 

Content indexing files before archiving will help enable search and retrieval based on keywords or phrases. This will help assist with the automation of eDiscovery, FOIA, GDPR, and Regulatory investigations.

SISCIN Preview- Free Download  

Waterford Technologies has recently developed SISCIN Preview a FREE File analysis utility that can give you a better understanding of your file data. Unsure of what is hidden in your storage infrastructure? SISCIN Preview gives you the understanding and insight into your file server storage.   

With SISCIN Preview, you will immediately see how your file storage is being used and wasted. 

It’s time to put an end to running out of storage. In today’s economy, you have daily pressure to reduce costs and deliver more value. SISCIN is the easiest and most affordable way to manage uncontrolled file server growth.  

Analyse your file server storage for free: Download SISCIN Preview for FREE 

Simplified File Management 

SISCIN is a cloud solution hosted in Azure that provides File Analysis, Management, and Control. Our online dashboard of single or multi-locations presents full drill-down reporting of your entire file server data. Insight creates knowledge that creates control, with policy-based actions for cleanup, deduplication, content indexing, and secure stub archiving directly to the public cloud.  

Laura Stotesbury  

Head of Marketing