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Freedom of Information Act regulations – is MailMeter a suitable email archiving solution for government organizations?

Email archivng is a complex issue. Storing data costs money. Not having the data when needed may end up costing more. Another

Email archivng is a complex issue. Storing data costs money. Not having the data when needed may end up costing more. Another issue is who has access to data. In this week’s blog we want to share how MailMeter solves these issues. The content of this post is based on a government organization with 5,500 mailboxes – governed by state law and FOIA regulations. In addition to and email archiving solution this government organization needs to meet FOIA regulations. During the set up process they wanted to:

  • Bring in as much historical email as possible to the archive.
  • A cloud solution for archiving and accessing email data.
  • A central archive with restricted access by departments.
  • As a government organization, they must prove to regulatory bodies that:
    • all email data is captured
    • is stored in a tamper-proof database
    • is easily recoverable over extended periods of time

MailMeter – The email archiving solution for government organizations to meet FOIA regulations

ComplyKEY MailMeter was the perfect email archiving solution for this government organization. MailMeter modernized email record management, allowing them to:

  • automate retention of email communications in the cloud
  • monitor employee communication for policy violations
  • get insight into all departments.

MailMeter Cloud has centralized the retention of email to solve search, archive, and production challenges. This government organization needed one central secure email archive that:

  • contains all their emails
  • grant access to archived emails of specific departments to department heads
  • limit access to the entire archive
  • different retention policies for each department

Our recommendations to government organizations to meet FOIA regulations and archive emails

  • We created labels for each department. This created one central archive with the ability to restrict access by departments.
  • We set up filters to automatically apply labels to all emails as they are being captured in real time based on the department field.
    We set up a scoped search for each department label and granted access to the appropriate admin for that department.
  • We allow retention policies for each department label
overnance, Risk and Compliance Officers

The results – MailMeter as an email archiving solution for government organizations

Meet records management requirements

MailMeter ensures proper email data management throughout its lifecycle

MailMeter improves the accessibility and searchability of email records. Remove email once they have exceed the time-based need for retention. It has retention policies to meet regulations,

  • by users,
  • departments
  • keywords
  • phrases
  • attachments

Our MailMeter solution meets various complex retention regulations in the government sector and has a has a dedicated repository

This government agency wanted to archive historical data. The software needed to capture data in real time providing a history capture for all emails and PST’s. MailMeter ingests body and attachment data it:

  • single-instanced
  • compressed
  • encrypted
  • digitally stamped
  • indexed all content

MailMeter provides a secure, protected repository separate from the organization’s email platform for eDiscovery, monitoring, visibility, minimization, and retention setting.

Maintains confidentiality across departments

Ensures that eDiscovery and records requests only target specific department data i.e., departments responding to HIPAA requests. This eliminates the danger of cross-contamination of data across the organization.

Respond To FOIA and records requests faster

FOIA requests are serviced instantly via clientless eDiscovery browser. This process reduced the TCO of data management within the email system, saving the organization on valuable resources. MailMeter lightning-fast search and retrieval is simple to use by all departments, reducing the IT departments workload.

Automating the archiving process

MailMeter is a fully automated archiving process that helps:

  • eliminate human error
  • improve productivity
  • save time

Data governance

We provided a proactive approach to data governance, by classifying before archiving. Discovery and indexing of data simplifying the search process. Preventative monitoring to identify and remediate risk via specific individuals or departments.

Automated analysis

The organization can create automated reports based on their sector, PII, PCI DSS, RegEx, financial, regulations, risk, compliance, HR, board, or end- user policies. Flag and require actions to potential violations before it becomes an issue.


MailMeter is a cloud-based email management and compliance platform. It ensures every single email in the organization can be found. It can conduct eDiscovery, freedom of information, and DSAR’s searches anywhere with internet access. The email archiving solution has the functionality to narrow the scope of its search across email using clearly defined criteria.

MailMeter – the email archiving solution for government organizations

  • Improve how email data is stored and handled
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Facilitate email compliance
  •  Increase data transparency
  •  Decrease the expenses of eDiscovery, records requests, and litigation response

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