GDPR Brochure

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Waterford Technologies have created an overview brochure to help companies identify the relevant GDPR articles that they need to be concerned about when it comes to email and file.

Email and file data are also known as Unstructured data as it is one of the oldest forms of data storage in any company. Because it is one of the oldest this also means it is the largest form of data in any company, with anywhere between 70% or 80% of all the data in a company. Unfortunately email and file were designed to be a communication tool and a storage solution, but this was before data got out of control.

We provide the solutions to help you get visibility into all this data, so you can start to understand it and then control it. But not only that, we also give you the ability to create real policies for GDPR, compliance and data management and then pin point the relevant articles so you can get your company up to date with their GDPR / Compliance plans whilst also saving money.