GDPR Guide for Data Projects

GDPR Step-by-Step Guide

With the GDPR right on the horizon, many of the conversations we are having are based around the management of Data to achieve compliance. Organisations are running out of time to get to grips with their Data – the part they know about at least. The biggest problem that customers have encountered during these projects is that there is a lot of Data that is not easily found or managed, residing outside of CRM or similar systems. This is called Unstructured Data and it has proven to be close to impossible to manage without the right guide and tools.


To assist your Data project, we have produced a simple, easy-to-follow guide for Unstructured Data under GDPR.

This includes:

  1. Explaining the GDPR legislation
  2. Defining what constitutes Unstructured Data
  3. Where it resides on your servers
  4. Challenges that are created by Unstructured Data
  5. The compliance journey
  6. Our Solution set to address the challenges for GDPR.
  7. There is also a helpful appendix in the guide on which GDPR articles are related to Unstructured Data.

You can view the Guide here.

Apart from providing the proverbial thorn in the GDPR projects’ side, Unstructured Data also has the potential to have hidden treasures that can be monetized and turned into business opportunity.

Keeping it Simple

We believe in a no-nonsense approach to all of our Data Management projects, whether they are involving partners, direct clients or both. Simplifying and debunking the myths of complexity in these projects and the inertia in getting them off the ground is our specialty. We have a flexible approach, tailoring projects to suit the requirements of our end user customers and our experts will guide you through the simple process.

Waterford Technologies provide the software tool-set and the Data Management expertise to guide you through the journey towards compliance.

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