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GDPR – What Happens in June?

GDPR in June? Scrolling down through LinkedIn’s newsfeed this morning, a picture of a crying consultant with a tagline of “What happens

GDPR in June?

Scrolling down through LinkedIn’s newsfeed this morning, a picture of a crying consultant with a tagline of “What happens to all the GDPR Consultants in June?” jumped off the page. The implication being made is that there are a lot of consultants who are solely focused on GDPR and without it as a call to arms, they will be empty-handed in June. Furthermore, where will you be left as a client of one of these consultancies? The GDPR world ends for everybody on May 25th, no?

Data Manager sitting on June timebomb

An Ongoing Process

When it hits midnight on May 25th, the GDPR tents will certainly not fold up immediately. More and more surveys show that the majority of organisations are nowhere near being ready for the deadline, for the most part. So; will legions of GDPR auditors spring out of the air the next morning with their clipboards at the ready, issuing handfuls of €20 million fine tickets like Data traffic wardens? Probably not.

Showing a methodology towards becoming compliant is an important part of the GDPR journey and getting the project scoped and moving in the right direction will be a huge step in mitigating unwanted censure. Being on the road to being prepared is good but finding the tools to cut through the noise and get to grips with your Personal and Sensitive Data will greatly speed up the project and get closer to the nice big green tick in the box.

Who will still be available?

It is true, in some cases that Consultants purposely appeared solely for GDPR, scenting an opportunity to make coin on an extremely important and topical Data Management market. Within that cohort, there are going to be many good, bad and ugly entities – in terms of services, quality of advice and potential longevity.

It is very important for clients needing GDPR advice and solutions for Data Management that the provider they select will still be in existence and focused on their needs in June and beyond. Regardless of how long a potential provider has been in business, their level of expertise should be broader than just a single topic or event.

Waterford Technologies for GDPR

Waterford Technologies have been in business for just short of 20 years. Our expertise has always been in Unstructured Data (email and file) Data Management and this is the only aspect of GDPR on which we offer any guidance or solutions.

We provide the complete Unstructured Data tool-set and service expertise at an attractive price, providing peace of mind that this aspect of GDPR is solved.

We look forward to dealing with many queries on GDPR in June and beyond!