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GDPR and the US

US GDPR Awareness Recently, Waterford Technologies conducted a survey of our clients in the EMEA region and the findings were shocking in terms

US GDPR Awareness

Recently, Waterford Technologies conducted a survey of our clients in the EMEA region and the findings were shocking in terms of GDPR awareness and getting the projects to address their Data off the ground. Some of the discussions we have had with US clients, since then, revealed an even more stark lack of knowledge on the measure – principally because they had not even considered that it might apply to them. After all it is an EU regulation, right?

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The Bad News

If your organization holds personal or sensitive Data on even one EU citizen, you are subject to the GDPR, regardless of your location. While the GDPR is first and foremost an EU regulation, the scope of its footprint has been deliberately extended to protect its citizens Data, no matter where it is held.

While the older Data Protection focus on obvious elements that can personally identify an individual will still be very important, new considerations such as recording IP address, cookies etc. are also considered as identifiable and are under GDPR scope. Location, religion, sexual orientation and many more personal sensitive identifiers now come under its remit too.

On May 25th under GDPR, the potential fines are massive for non-compliance coming in at 4% of of annual global revenue, or €20 Million, whichever is more.

The Good News

Conversely, if your organization has an EU presence, chances are that the project to address GDPR there has already begun and including US-based Data will be much less of a problem than starting the whole project from scratch.

However, if this is not the case, aligning your Data processes to the new regulation is still possible without breaking the bank in terms of people, process, and systems.

Awareness and getting a Data Management project started to address the regulation are key steps towards fulfilling your obligation with regards to GDPR in the US.

Data Management Project

  • Involve the right people across the organization – Data owners from Sales, Marketing, IT etc.
  • Map the Data – all of it – especially the hard to find element in Unstructured Data (email and file) that is created as a result of doing daily business online.
  • Analyze the Data – dragging everything into sunlight and running the rule over what is uncovered.
  • Set policies – adhere to compliance by setting up tailored policies for your Data and implement them.
  • Delete, retain, protect, classify and make informed decisions based on your Data facts.

How Waterford Technologies Can Help

We are experts in Unstructured Data Management – this information makes up 80% of your total Data, according to Gartner. We assist you throughout your project to Map, Manage and Move this Data, setting up policies to give clear vision and reliable Business Intelligence.

Contact our Data Management experts today.