Have You Got An Email Migration Project Planned For 2014?

Take the headache out of migrating to your new email platform with MailMeter, Email Archiving Solution

 Fiona Mulvaney – Waterford technologies

We continue to deal with many organisations who have to switch from their existing email platform as their current system is notEmail Migration meeting their requirements.  This migration process can be tricky and requires careful planning to ensure no disruption to end users.  The reasons for changing email platforms can vary considerably and include factors such as cost,  current version is not supported, need for improved or more functionality, corporate decision, Total Cost of Ownership etc…

Below are some examples of the numerous email migration projects we have completed:

  • From MS Exchange 2003 or 2007 to MS Ex 2010 or 2013
  • From Lotus Notes to MS Exchange
  • From MS Exchange to Zarafa Open Source
  • From Lotus Notes to Office 365
  • From MS Exchange to Office 365

We have gained considerable knowledge and experience to ensure migration projects are completed achieving the defined objectives within the timelines specified.  Waterford Technologies, MailMeter Email Archiving Solution plays a significant role in ensuring migration projects are successful.  Once MailMeter is deployed prior to any migration the benefits and value it adds includes:

  1. Safety net: A copy of all data can be secured in MailMeter prior to migration. If any issues arise out of migration process the data is not lost.
  2. Reduce migration size: Most clients want to understand and reduce their current mail size prior to a migration to reduce the complexity, cost and time the migration takes, MailMeter can reduce email size by 50% easily therefore reducing the migration process by 50%.
  3. Start with no size: Some clients put all the existing data into MailMeter and give their end users access to old data via MailMeter and blank mailboxes ( start new server from scratch).
  4. Access to old data during migration: if MailMeter is up and running during migration then all data is accessible during the process.
  5. Journaling on from 1st mail sent: MailMeter being deployed first makes the compliance and storing of all data to be 100%, any gap between exchange deployment and archive deployment can be used against an organisation in the event of litigation.
  6. Purge older data: Why bring redundant data across, let MM find and help you purge it before it migrates to your new system.

So if you have an email migration project planned for 2014, then talk to us, don’t reinvent the wheel and learn from our experiences.