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Happy with your ex-employee email process?

The New Year is synonymous with new beginnings. According to January and February are the most popular times of year to

The New Year is synonymous with new beginnings. According to January and February are the most popular times of year to find a job.  Great for anyone looking to change but what happens to employee emails when they leave the company or move to a different department?  Are they deleted? Is the complete mailbox stored on a server in case an email is needed?  If needed, how is the search performed?  Were they good at filing or does their inbox look like a hoarders’ paradise?  The most common options are:

  • restrict access to their mailbox
  • forward emails to a manager or suitable employee
  • archive the emails and delete the mailbox
  • use a third-party email archiving platform that stores all the emails for easy access

What solution is best?

The solution depends on your organization’s requirements. If you have no regulatory requirements, and no need to search for contracts, quotes, or agreements then archiving or forwarding the emails may suffice.  If you do have any of these requirements, then a platform such as MailMeter is ideal. Unlike most other solutions MailMeter also can segment by department.

Why would I need to segment emails?

When an employee changes job roles and moves to a different department MailMeter ensures that emails they send/receive in the new department are not searchable or visible in the old department and vice versa. This safeguards against cross-contamination of employee data between departments.  Department leaders have full control and confidence that they are only accessing data relating to their department employees, past and present. If departments differ in how long they need to keep data, segmentation enables each department to implement its own retention policies.

MailMeter ensures that when an employee has moved from one department to another their emails will no longer appear in their former department’s searches after their transfer.

Are there other benefits to email archiving with MailMeter?

Yes! There are several benefits:

  • Secure copy – data encryption before transfer to the archive
  • Reduce complexity – simple-to-use dashboards for all departments.
  • Flexible and scalable – on-premises and cloud options available.
  • World-class monitoring and support – we are renowned for our focus on supporting clients.
  • Compatible with all major email platforms – Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail
  • Simple setup and administration – get up and running quickly, staying compliant.
  • 20% minimum savings on licenses
  • 67% savings email storage growth
  • 90% time spend on eDiscovery searching for, reviewing, and exporting
  • 50% minimum cost and time spent on back-ups
  • 75% time saved on email and file migration

Our eDiscovery Consultants would be happy to arrange a demo

Here’s an overview of how MailMeter works:

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