Helping the Defence Forces Share History through File Archiving

Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

We have been helping the Irish Defence Forces complete a mammoth sized project with our File Archiving Solution- FileArchiver

One of the pivotal moments in Irish History occurred in 1916. We are approaching its 100 year anniversary and there will be lots of events planned to mark the occasion.

One of the more interesting projects undertaken was to digitally store the old military pension records  so people all around the world can access these records of interest.

I’ve written previously about our part in this project but now that the project is officially launch I thought I’d share the updated story with you.

It’s been a while since I was in with the archivists but to see the sheer scale of the documents that now have been fully scanned and recorded is amazing.

The room is about half the size of a football pitch and the old documents were stacked in rows that were literally 50 feet high.

Our piece is described better than I could in the Army’s methodology page and what was really nice was the email I got below

File Archiving
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acknowledging our small part in a project that has taken interesting stories that were gathering dusk in an old Army barracks and helped make it possible to share these with anyone..

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to point this out to you. The minister launched an important military archives collection last night.

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Waterford Technologies MailMeter/File Archiver (extensively used by the Defence Forces on its own networks). The Mail Meter software enables the project team and the support team of technicians from the CIS Corps to meet certain policy requirements such as deleting files, copying and storing files and protecting files by copying them to the archive server and for off site storage.  All data and files are backed up overnight to an off-site location in Cathal Brugha Barracks via optical fibre. The mass storage system is scalable and provision for the migration of data to any new future IT system was built in as a project requirement.

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Captain Diarmuid O’Sullivan

IT Operations Manager

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