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How Email Archiving Could Save Your Company A Fortune!

We all know the idea and motivations behind email archiving and why companies consider it; Email backup and disaster recovery, storage optimization,

We all know the idea and motivations behind email archiving and why companies consider it; Email backup and disaster recovery, storage optimization, finding that deleted mail for an end user (never mind the CEO), get rid of user quotas (they just ignore them anyway), retention policies etc. etc.

But have you thought about the other side of email archiving? Compliance and eDiscovery! Those dreaded words that we all hope we will never hear, but so often do.Affordable Email Archiving

  • Regulatory compliance
  • FOI
  • Litigation and Legal Discovery

All too often companies and organisations want to bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem wont coming knocking on their door, but if and when that day comes, you want to be prepared right? The cost associated with these issues can be massive and can seriously damage a company, all for the sake of not having an archiving solution in place or continuously leaving it on the list of things TO DO (that magic term, “not high enough on the priority list”).

So what happens when that day comes, you have to organise a team of external experts to come on site and trawl through all of your data to find the information required, this is not only a huge time wasting exercise but also has huge financial implications, think teams of experts each on hundreds of pounds per day trawling through the information when with the right software you could have produced all of that information in a matter of minutes.

Then don’t forget the penalties for late response! As industry and government alike grow continually more reliant on information systems, particularly email, this information becomes more and more valuable;


Some organisations operating in the United Kingdom must adhere to the following:

That’s the big scary issue out of the way, now what about the day to day expenses associated with not having an archiving solution in place?


  • All those mails, often millions of them which are years old just sitting on your expensive server.
  • Then there is the issue of back up times where you are continuously backing up old out of date mails that could easily be backed up periodically on your lower cost storage.
  • And of course end-users never getting rid of old non-essential mails (as they promised they would) and instead just pushing them out to PST all over your network
  • or what about the time spent by your help desk staff searching for mails that belong to end-users or worse again high level staff.

All of this without even mentioning why a company or organisation typically looks at an archiving solution;

  • Email backup and disaster recovery
  • Messaging system & storage optimization
  • Monitoring of internal and external email content
  • Records management (Email retention policy)
  • Business continuity


So the next time before you dismiss the idea of an email archiving solution as being “too expensive” just think of the costs to you, your staff and your company before you put it back on that TO DO list.