How Microsoft Office365’s online outage highlights the advantages of MailMeter Archive

This week’s news that Microsoft had experienced an outage which disrupted web-based access to both its Office 365 suite of applications and its Azure cloud computing platform came as an unwelcome reminder that no system can ever be perfect.

Thousands of frustrated Twitter users vented their annoyance at not being able to access the various services impacted by the outage, particularly the Outlook email service.

The Office 365 web portal provides access to a number of popular cloud based applications, including the Outlook email service, as well as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

With more and more organisations looking to the cloud to handle their critical business processes, Microsoft’s problems provided an unfortunate example of the risks and dangers that can also be introduced by outsourcing vital information and processes to a hosted platform.

The perfect solution for any organisation wanting to protect itself against such single vendor dependency comes in the shape of Waterford Technologies’ MailMeter Archive.

Fully supporting Microsoft Office365, this comprehensive archiving solution delivers a secure solution for hosted Exchange users that maintains user control and access to their most important content.



Benefits of keeping your archive in-house


MailMeter Archive is completely independent of an organisations email provider, offering users flexibility and mobility for any foreseen or sudden migration.

There are no long term service provider lock-in enabling users to seamlessly migrate into and out of the cloud or between service providers.

The secure archive remains on premise, capturing all information and capable of delivering fast, confidential investigations and resolutions with MailMeter modules.

Users are able to rapidly access and export information to respond to litigation, eDiscovery or FOIA requests without the delay of waiting to process through an outside vendor.

MailMeter Archive works seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure, providing you with a comprehensive secure and verifiable archive of all your organizations messaging. MailMeter Archive will do this automatically and is independent of end user actions. If a user deletes an email for instance, MailMeter Archive will still have a complete copy of this message stored securely in its archive volumes.


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