Why Are We Hung Up On Duplication Of Data? (Disk Management made easy!)

Data Management Costs

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

We have been running our File Archiving software across hundreds of clients in the last 10 years and I am continually amazed at howDisk Management much money our clients spend or were potentially going to spend on De-duplication.

Clients have looked at software solutions and hardware devices which are explicitly, architecture to remove duplicate files/emails etc.. out of a network. Surely disk management could be cheaper?


What’s the problem with this?

We have a report in our archive solution which can count and measure all duplicates on a network. The industry standard for duplicate files is supposed to sit between 15%-19% of your entire data and guess what? Out of 400 clients running this software it is spot on in 399 cases. (We’ll ignore the one!).


So think about the cost and effort put into:

  • Reviewing different offerings
  • Reviewing different vendors
  • Compare software solutions versus hardware solutions
  • Planning and implementation costs
  • Maintenance plans
  • Training etc..
All for a saving of less than 20%!


What we can do?

We delete at least 20% of all our clients’ data on their network the first time we review our analysis, typically within 24 Hours of deployment….

I’ll think you agree this is a bit easier..

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