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Immutable File Storage for Ransomware Defence?

File Archiving solutions equipped with WORM Technologies are more accessible and affordable than you might think.

WORM Technology, SISCIN triplelock

Is WORM Technology the missing piece in your ransomware defence?

Are you looking for immutable file storage for ransomware protection? File Archiving solutions equipped with WORM Technologies are more accessible and affordable than you might think. So, Waterford technologies introduced TripleLocks for SISCIN, based on WORM Technology to safeguard your files from ransomware.

Ransomware attacks have increased considerably in recent years and most evidently during the pandemic. These attacks create an ever-present threat for both private and public organisations, regardless of their size or industry but having WORM technology installed helps in defending ransomware.

Traditional data protection strategies such as backups and snapshots typically stored on file systems, even data held for recovery is not immune to ransomware attacks.  

$3.9million is the average cost of a data breach worldwide and $8.2 million in the United States according to IBM’s annual study on data breaches. According to the same study, 52% of data breaches are caused by malicious attacks.   

Cybersecurity Challenges  

Ransomware attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day, aside from this several other issues are contributing to organisations increasing vulnerability.  

Digital Services  

Organisations are now more than ever increasingly reliant on technology and are providing more digital services than ever to their clients, this creates an even bigger target for exploitation  

Budget Restrictions –  

Organisations often must put up with outdated software that isn’t able to protect against today’s threats due to budget restrictions. Also due to the high demand of cybersecurity staff, attracting and retaining such staff can come at a high cost.  

Human Error-  

Proactive methods tend to focus on employee education and awareness, but entirely stopping human error in defensive measures is impractical. 

Ransomware Strategies  

Traditional Paths  

Proactively trying to prevent attacks, employee training and awareness. As mentioned above, entirely stopping human error is impractical. Remote working significantly increases the risk of a successful ransomware attack due to a combination of weaker controls on home IT networks and an increase of Covid-19 themed lures (information on vaccines, mask, government payment schemes, critical software updates etc.).   

Encrypting data 

While encryption can be useful where cybercriminals just want to access and share the data itself, in the case of ransomware they simply encrypt the already encrypted data to prevent access by its rightful owner. As a result, data encryption does not protect against ransomware. 

Data Back up 

A robust data backup strategy can certainly help. Businesses can use data backups to keep a data copy separate from the live data. The problem is that savvy cybercriminals often know to specifically target backup data in attacks, while the tape-based model can be extremely labour-intensive. Organisations, therefore, need another way to protect against ransomware attacks. 

What is Working?  

Some of the strategies mentioned above proving to be either ineffective or unreliable. WORM (Write once, read many) file archiving is emerging as an essential tool in protecting your organizations valued information assets. Immutable file storage allows administrators to create immutable copies of their data, thereby providing complete ransomware protection.

WORM Archiving 

WORM software creates immutable copies of data that goes beyond even sophisticated backup. These copies can still be read but cannot be altered for a predetermined length of time which can be aligned to your data retention policy, even if cybercriminals penetrate a vulnerability in your system.  

By preventing the alteration of the data, malware is unable to encrypt the data and lock the victim out. Data can be restored by a simple recovery process. WORM archiving could mean no longer having to decide between paying an expensive ransom or losing access to your data. 

Meeting Regulatory Requirements 

Immutable files storage and WORM technology are designed to meet key regulatory requirements. It provides digital data with an immutability stamp that can be used in legal situations as “tamper-proof evidence” and meet the compliance requirements for regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and PCI DSS. 

SISCIN TripleLock Archives add Immutable file storage for ransomware protection.

Unlike backup and legacy worm archives, Waterford Technologies offers an affordable file archiving solution that includes WORM technology at no additional cost as well as built-in content indexing and discovery search. 

Waterford Technologies’ has you covered with SISCIN Triple Lock Archives. This security addition to SISCIN file archiving offers immutable write once read many compliance storages that are both secure and easy to use at no additional cost.  

The SISCIN Triple locks are …. 

1.Protected by your Credentials 

2.Protected by SISCIN AES Encryption 

3.Protected by Write Once Read Many (WORM) Technology  

SISCIN TripleLock archives allow administrators to implement WORM technology that makes immutable “locked” copies of their data within the cloud, thereby providing comprehensive ransomware protection. When you create a Triple Lock archive (or convert an existing archive to TripleLock (LLL)) you are making the objects within that archive read-only for a defined period. This can be from 24 hours to many years. This gives the best assurance possible that your data is safe. Each object within a TripleLock archive has its own timer. For instance, if you create a 1-year TripleLock archive any file added to that archive is secure for 1 year from the time it was archived. 

With local organisations being such an appealing target for cybercriminals, it has never been more important to ensure you have the right security in place. What’s clear is that making archive data immutable with WORM technology is now the best line of defence – delivering effective protection right where the data resides and protecting against the rising ransomware threat. 

Lets organise a 30-minute demo and see how Waterford Technologies can help your organisation better manage its data to mitigate the risk of a ransomware attack.

Laura Stotesbury
Head of Marketing