Just How Big is Big Data?

Size Matters

When we discuss “Big Data” these days, it can be difficult to translate an exact understanding of what size the quantity of Data represents to stakeholders outside of the IT or Data Management circle. The Terabyte (TB) and Petabyte(PB) have now become the common currency of Data Managers’ lives, where just a few years ago, Gigabytes (GB) were as large as it got. Everything in the Data Management world is scaling massively, exponentially, and most of all – relentlessly. As long as daily business is carried on online, Data will continue to soar in volume and size.

Big Data - Hosting services.
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Stat Attack

Statistics abound on the size, scale and speed of Big Data growth – one certainty is that its magnitude takes a bit of consideration to get your head around, especially if managing or reporting on it is not part of your daily routine.

  • Data volume is set to grow 800% over the next 5 years and 80% of it will reside as Unstructured Data – Gartner
  • IDC estimate that global Data will grow to 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025.

Big Data – Comparatively Speaking

Comparative Scale of Data MeasurementComparative Size of Bytes – credit to Testyotta

The Role of Data Analytics

Utilising Big Data for Business Intelligence and potentially monetising Data has mostly remained the preserve of marketing and sales funtions with some input from IT and financial analysts but as the Data grows and the concept of Big Data matures, the wider business is going to want to see what is under the hood for a variety of reasons.

Data compliance, regulations and jurisdiction/residency are going to be ongoing challenges as Data grows in an exponential fashion and Data Managers will need to maintain data quality, permissions and have a good reason to collect and use data.


Using the correct Data Analysis toolset will grant you the ability to see, act and predict trends on the massive Data sets that you are processing and managing today and in the future. SISCIN has been developed to deal with the massive scale we see in Data Management right now and also the exponential increases of the very near future.

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