Professional Liverpool Welcomes Waterford Technologies

professional liverpoolProfessional Liverpool is an exciting organisation with a clear objective – to promote professional excellence in the City and the City Region and to enhance its reputation as a financial and professional centre of excellence.

This is achieved through its members – the organisation facilitates the development of business and personal relationships among its members and enables access to support services to achieve improved business performance in the city.

Liverpool is brimming with qualified professionals, from accountants, stockbrokers and solicitors to architects, media and digital professionals and surveyors, all of whom contribute to the thriving economy. Professional Liverpool represents all of these skillsets and sectors, and creates business networks for them to interact with on every level and in doing so, assists in the economic development of the region.

The Board, Chaired by Jim Gill, is made up of a team of professionals from Liverpool’s thriving business community, movers and shakers with the experience and foresight to guide its members in the appropriate direction for their business.

Waterford Technologies is delighted to have been welcomed into the Group as a new member. With  our office at Exchange Flags, in the heart of Liverpool it is fantastic to be part of a professional group to help us get connected.

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