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Looking for a Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving Alternative: Introducing ComplyKEY MailMeter

If you are an IT manager currently using Dell EMC SourceOne you’ll be aware that it’s approaching its end-of-life.  Now is the

If you are an IT manager currently using Dell EMC SourceOne you’ll be aware that it’s approaching its end-of-life.  Now is the time to start exploring alternative archiving solutions. ComplyKEY MailMeter offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance compliance, improve employee productivity, and help save time and money. In this blog post, we will discuss why it’s crucial to find a suitable alternative and highlight the benefits that MailMeter can offer as a replacement for Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving.

Email Archiving and Beyond

Email archiving plays a crucial role in keeping businesses legally compliant by providing a searchable and manageable repository of communication. However, MailMeter takes this functionality even further. In addition to compliance, it offers benefits such as;

  • ensuring continuity with clients.
  • providing valuable business intelligence.
  • safeguarding your reputation.
  • meeting regulatory requirements.
  • reducing current costs.

What MailMeter Offers as a SourceOne Alternative

Simple Migration

MailMeter provides a straightforward migration process from SourceOne to MailMeter, making it easy for you to transition to the new solution seamlessly.

Flexibility of Deployment

Whether you prefer an on-premise or cloud-based solution (Exchange, O365, Gmail), MailMeter offers the flexibility to choose what works best for your organization.

Streamlined O365 Migration

By deploying MailMeter first, organizations can reduce their O365 migration time and costs by up to 80%.

License Compatibility

MailMeter allows you to utilize any O365 license, ensuring that you can choose the right license for your users’ needs.

Archive Reduction

With MailMeter, you can reduce your current archive by over 50%, eliminating unnecessary data and streamlining storage requirements.

Search Efficiency

MailMeter significantly reduces search times by 70%, empowering end-users to find information quickly and independently without relying on IT support.

Comprehensive Management

Manage compliance, retention, search, and export with ease using MailMeter’s intuitive interface.

Cost Reduction

By removing legacy, redundant, shared, and inactive mailboxes, MailMeter helps reduce costs significantly. Additionally, eliminating on-premise email and archive hardware further reduces expenses and frees up resources.

Dedicated Support

MailMeter’s support teams in the UK, Ireland, and the US ensure that you can directly speak to technicians, eliminating the frustration of dealing with call centres.

Fully Managed Assistance

From installation to training, ongoing support, and eDiscovery assistance, MailMeter offers a comprehensive solution that takes care of all your archiving needs.

Migrating Your Data

If you are planning to move your data from EMC SourceOne to the cloud or stay on-premises, MailMeter provides a seamless process for migrating your data. Whether you prefer to manage the migration yourself or rely on MailMeter’s expertise, the transition will be smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, MailMeter’s ability to streamline migration to O365 can save you substantial time and costs.

Reasons to Choose MailMeter as a SourceOne Alternative

Managed Service

MailMeter offers a fully managed service, handling every aspect of the project from archive migration to installation, configuration, data strategy review, training, support, and eDiscovery assistance. Let MailMeter’s team become an extension of your own team, guiding you throughout the migration process.

Enhanced Features

With MailMeter, users can enjoy a single sign-in interface, designed to resemble Outlook for a familiar user experience. The search capabilities include keyword, phrase, date, sender, receiver, attachment, and body searches, providing comprehensive results. Real-time actions, tags, exports, reviews, and rapid search speeds empower end-users to find and act upon information quickly.

Latest Technology

MailMeter is continuously developed to support multiple email platforms, ensuring improved performance, compliance, security, and flexibility. The solution adapts to changing regulations, legislation, and the dynamic nature of the modern working environment, providing peace of mind and automatic updates.

Faster Search

Responding promptly to queries and issues is essential for any organization. MailMeter enables rapid search and retrieval, allowing you to resolve requests for SAR, FOI, HR, Revenue, Regulatory, Compliance, or reputational matters within seconds instead of weeks.

Reduced Costs

Over 90% of MailMeter’s clients experience cost reductions within 11 months of switching. By removing legacy and redundant mailboxes, streamlining archives, implementing compliance filtering, and eliminating on-premise email and archive hardware, organizations can achieve significant cost savings while reducing staff resources.

Remote Access

MailMeter’s powerful web apps enable users to access their emails from anywhere, providing intuitive and seamless remote access without relying on IT support.


As Dell EMC SourceOne approaches its end-of-life, it’s vital for IT managers to find a suitable alternative that meets their organization’s needs. ComplyKEY MailMeter offers a comprehensive archiving solution with enhanced compliance, productivity improvements, and cost savings. With simplified migration, flexibility, reduced search times, and a fully managed service, MailMeter stands as a reliable alternative for IT managers seeking a future-proof email archiving solution. Contact MailMeter today for a customized demo and take the first step towards seamless archiving and data management.

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