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MailMeter 7.2, New Features and Enhancements

Simpler, Cleaner, and Easier to use User-Interface

Waterford Technologies are excited to share some of our latest MailMeter 7.2 features and enhancements, also available as part of our ComplyKey Suite.

When building the requirements for MailMeter 7.2 we listened to the many comments and suggestions for new enhancements and have delivered a simpler, cleaner, and easier to use user interface and even more features for MailMeter 7.2.

What Are the New Features and Enhancements?

One Easy-To-Use Web Interface 

MailMeter Portal and Operations Portal have been combined into one easy-to-use web interface. The MailMeter user-interface makes navigation easy and fast. Authorised users can now perform administrative, configuration and eDiscovery activities without having to log onto separate applications.


New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2

New Enhanced Operations User Interface 

The Operations User Interface has been completely rewritten to simplify navigation and improve productivity. Now with just a few clicks, you can reach your goal. This will enhance productivity and shortens the learning curve.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - Operations User Interface

New MailMeter Status Dashboard 

The new MailMeter Operation Dashboard enables you to quickly see the status of your platform. You can quickly see if messages are processing, services are down or running, or if a PST Export, PST Import, History Capture or Stubbing Jobs are running. 

Additionally, with the new Status Dashboard, you can also review various statistics of your system such as how many messages are in your archive, what is the oldest message or when the address book was last processed.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2- Status Dashboard

New Services Dashboard 

Quickly see the status of all MailMeter services. Now there is no need to log into the MailMeter server and use the Services control panel application to manually start/stop each service, you simply start or stop all services with a single click from services dashboard.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New Services Dashboard

New Message Filter Interface

The Message Filtering feature introduced in MailMeter 7.1 has undergone a facelift. Customer and technical support feedback have resulted in a simpler, easier to use interface with an exciting new “Test” the feature that helps you refine and test your filter criteria using your use cases. 

Another amazing new enhancement is that attachment content can now be used for criteria in filtering rules.

New Message Filter Interface

New Message Filtering Test Feature 

The new Test Panel feature enables you to verify that your Filter Criteria is correct using your test data. In this example, a Regular Expression is being tested that looks for credit card numbers in different formats.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New Message Filtering Test Feature

Office 365 Authentication with Multifactor Authentication

MailMeter now supports application authentication using your Office 365 (Azure AD) account. Existing customers should contact Waterford Technologies Customer Support for assistance with this setup.

 Sign in with Microsoft

New Search Result Sorting Options

Two new message sorting options have been added to the search results panel. You can now sort search results by – sender or subject.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New Search Result Sorting Options

New Advanced Search features

The powerful MailMeter Advanced Search has been enhanced so that you can use word lists, correspondent lists, and tags as search criteria. 

Note: Tags & Labels are always treated as an “AND” condition.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New Advanced Search features

New Complex Search Enhancement

The incredibly powerful MailMeter Complex search feature is even more so now as the user can use ‘tags’ as part of the search criteria. 

Note: Tags are always treated as an “AND” condition.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - Line Callout 2: Search using Tags as filters

A Whole New Way to Manage Users

All User Management functions have been consolidated into one easy to use interface. 

Now, there is a single location for managing – Access Roles, Delegating Access, Mapping Users, and reviewing Address Book history.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - Manage Users

New User Details 

This new feature is the central point for all User Management actions. Select an action from the drop-down menu and you can change passwords and unlock-user. 

Select Details (or double click username), and now you can see a complete picture of that user.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New user Details


New PDF Export Feature

Besides, to being able to export messages to PST files, MailMeter also supports exporting messages as PDF files. In many cases, these PST files go onto compliance or legal teams for redaction. To make these reviews and redaction processes more organised and easier to perform, MailMeter PDF Export has added the following new features:           

  • Table of Content
  • Watermarks
  • Message Index Spreadsheet 
  • Privacy Statement 
  • Add Company Logo to Exported Message Headers 

Other options include: 

  • Message History 
  • Block Recipients 
  • Page Size 
New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New PDF Export Featues

New Quarantine Tag Type 

The Quarantine Tag is useful when you want to take a message and lock it down until such time as it has been reviewed and the tag removed for deletion, export or to return it to normal status. 

What happens when Quarantine Tag is applied to a message?

  • Message Blocked from My MailMeter Users 
  • Message not Blocked from Investigate/Compliance 
  • Prevent Message from being Exported 
  • Prevent Message from being Deleted 
  • Can be applied manually or via Content Filter 
New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - New Quarantine Tag Type

Enhanced Audit Reporting 

The Audit Reporting in MailMeter has been revamped from the ground up. The complex menu tree has been replaced with easy to understand report tiles that simplifies navigation.

Applications and date ranges can be selected to create an Audit Report with the exact information you need. 

Audit Trail Reports have been moved to My MailMeter under ReportOnly users with investigate role can view audit reports.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - Enhanced Audit Reporting

Tiles View

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - Tiles New

Click on a user for a complete overview of that user’s activity.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - User's Activity

See the Audit Record of a search that was run click on the Details link.

New Features and Enhancements for MailMeter7.2 - Audit Record

New Data Capture Jobs Console 

In Operations, both history capture and PST import activity have been combined under the same console. You can now submit, monitor, drill-down and cancel these job types from the same location. 

Also, export history can now be exported to Excel or PDF file types.

Jobs Console

New Custom Report Capabilities 

MailMeter 7.2 now supports the ability to create customised reports i.e integrated into the new MailMeter Portal navigation tree. 

Please contact your Account Manager to set up a project to define the scope and cost of your special reporting requirement.

Additional features and enhancements-

  • Office 2016, Office 2019, and Microsoft 365 Outlook clients now supported.
  • Build your Word Lists from different sources.
  • Audit Reporting now includes EML Export, Delete and Tag actions.
  • Updated Installer to include G-Suite configuration.
Additional features and Enhancements

We will continue to keep you informed on new features and enhancements with future releases. This is an exciting time for us as we empower our customers to take control of their email and file data. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to have a deeper overview of these new features and how they will add value as an existing investment to the ComplyKEY suite or as a new customer. Likewise, if you have not yet upgraded to ComplyKEY, contact your account manager to discuss an upgrade today.

For more information regarding our products, contact our sales team today or check out our free software – SISCIN Preview for our latest product.


Bob Ralston

Director of Product Management