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MailMeter Cloud with Office 365™ – Cost Effective Partnership

  Cost benefits of a MailMeter Cloud &  Office 365™ union by Mark Mulcahy On our ongoing and new client engagements and consultations, Waterford


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Cost benefits of a MailMeter Cloud &  Office 365™ union

by Mark Mulcahy

On our ongoing and new client engagements and consultations, Waterford Technologies have observed the incremental growth of Office 365™ across all verticals of business across the globe in all sizes of company. The wave is picking up momentum – cloud adoption in general has become ubiquitous and Office 365™ in particular is swelling in popularity.

If you have Office 365™, you might want to consider MailMeter Cloud, if you want to save on costs and protect your company.

Bridging the “compliance gap” in licence levels

When replacing your current software installations, it’s important that you don’t look at Office 365™ as a silver bullet for all your email needs.

There are hierarchies in all business and Office 365™ has a number of tiered SaaS pricing options to cater for the various levels of users in an organisation. Whilst the C Suite or higher executive team will have all the “bells and whistles” of the top package in Office 365, the majority of workers performing the day to day tasks generate the bulk of emails and files which are of course subject to compliance and regulation. So unless your organisation is covered entirely by the top licence, the vast majority of the output from staff is not completely covered by compliant processes. This leaves a gap in compliance versus budget for the more cost-conscious businesses.

The challenge for Procurement, Legal, Compliance and IT decision makers tasked with buying a solution is that the price for the jump from Office 365™ Enterprise basic licence (E1) or mid-tier licence Enterprise (E3) to the top level Enterprise (E5) which is fully compliant can be close to 100% – that is a huge increase by anybody’s standards.

All email compliance features of Enterprise E5 at a fraction of the cost

MailMeter Cloud is fully hosted in Azure and enables organisations to gain full control of their email compliance archiving requirements,  but with a dedicated support team, who are always on hand to provide additional assistance in a full eDiscovery investigation.

The benefit of having MailMeter Cloud with Office 365™ E1 or E3 is that for a fraction of the price, the full range of email compliance tools are covering your organisation from top to bottom whilst freeing up budget.

You can also protect and insure against single vendor dependency with MailMeter Cloud – when you transfer to Office 365™, naturally all your data is held with Microsoft which can cause “lock-in” if an issue arises prompting a migration to another host.

MailMeter  Cloud – try it now

If you want to find out more about how MailMeter Cloud and Office 365™ can be perfect partners, try our free demo or get in touch for a quote!