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How MailMeter Investigate Helps You with eDiscovery

MailMeter from Waterford Technologies helps organisations quickly and securely address needs created by government regulations such as FOI, GLBA, Data Protection Act, Basel

MailMeter from Waterford Technologies helps organisations quickly and securely address needs created by government regulations such as FOI, GLBA, Data Protection Act, Basel II and others that require all emails to be stored in a tamper-proof, easily accessible location and to be delivered within 24 hours.

If your business does not have a way to quickly and easily produce email records on demand, capture audit trail or perform random reviews, you could be facing a very large legal fee, a fine or possible even criminal penalties.

Mail servers were not meant as a long term records storage and retrieval system. An email archiving solution such as MailMeter makes it easy to meet compliance regulations and deliver responses to requested information.

MailMeter Archive takes a few hours to install and does not require any major process changes in your organisation. MailMeter creates an email archive from which you can search data across all mailboxes over any time period.

Also you can efficiently perform advanced searches by using wildcard, Boolean, or proximity search techniques. MailMeter also offers random email reviews, audit trails, and word list searching.

Full Capture

Since MailMeter captures every incoming, outgoing and internal company email and stores them in a tamper proof, separate location from your email server, you will be able to be in compliance with regulations.

MailMeter will also help you establish and enforce “controls” or measurable policies on all aspects of your company’s email communications to improve your business overall.

MailMeter will also help your company to meet regulatory requirements by providing secure storage, an easy retrieval mechanism, a visible control system and audit trails to manage patient, financial or other email records.

Retention Management

MailMeter offers a flexible and powerful solution to manage your email records. You can set retention policies or litigation hold based on groups of users, age or content of messages in the archive assuring messages are deleted or protected to meet your compliance and legal needs.

MailMeter Investigate

MailMeter Investigate helps to cut the cost of eDiscovery requests. Our intelligent software allows you to forensically search through thousands of emails with ease, saving you huge amounts of time when it comes to looking for that critical email.

When it comes to litigation, eDiscovery is one of the most expensive aspects of the process. MailMeter Insight cuts out the expensive costs of paralegals and gives you the power to gain control over your eDiscovery.

How MailMeter Investigate Helps

MailMeter Investigate saves you time and helps you to cut down on your external resources. Keep everything in house and have your emails reviewed by internal staff who can then export the important information for external review.

With an external service you would have to wait days for results. With our eDisocvery software, you are able to get to the information you need quickly – it’s that simple. Let our software do the leg work for you.

A Benefits Summary of our Email Discovery Software

  • MailMeter Investigate gives you powerful support for internal email discovery; you can gain insight into issues and have evidence ready to hand with minimal effort
  • MailMeter Investigate reduces or removes the expense involved in outsourcing discovery requests
  • Our solution cuts down on tedious searches that can be time consuming and waste internal resources
  • Our eDiscovery software can be used by non-technical staff and it is built to be user friendly

How MailMeter Investigate is used by Our Clients

  • E-Discovery and legal research:Preparing to go to court, responding to opposing counsel discovery requests, researching to avoid a lawsuit or dismiss an action
  • Internal investigations:A manager requesting to see email from one or more employees due to suspicions of improper activity. HR can get evidence for employee discipline and dismissals, and they can get to the truth for claims of harassment and discrimination (and just as easily defend against false email claims)
  • Knowledge transfer:Finding specific information from former employees or previous customer interactions to support current business
  • Policy and productivity:Ensuring policies are not broken and that employees are being productive by performing random searches of keyword lists

For a full explanation on how our email archiving software can help you with your eDiscovery needs, view our MailMeter product page. You can also contact us for more information and our sales team can talk you through your options.