MailMeter – The Swiss Army Knife of Email Storage


The many benefits of multi purpose Mailmeter

by Mark Mulcahy


When we normally refer to a Swiss Army Knife, we consider how it’s massively versatile and practical in almost any situation. This iconic multi-tool is adaptable whenever you need it to be, similar to how MailMeter functions within an organisation.

Having a Single Email Storage Solution doesn’t cut it

In Swiss Army Knife terms, 10 additional blades are better than having 1, ensuring you can do much more than you’d expect from a pocket-sized tool. When it comes to MailMeter, having that additional security in regards to email data safety will massively benefit your organisation from both a risk analysis and cost-saving point of view.

Single vendor dependency with the likes of Microsoft Office 365™ can lead to problems if for some reason you lose access to the cloud. MailMeter stores a copy of all emails away from the Office 365™ architecture, meaning you’re always backed up if you require disaster recovery.

Are you armed with a Reliable and Secure Email Storage Solution?

MailMeter doesn’t just store emails – extra attributes within this clientless software allows you to:

  • Reduce your current email data on your server by 80%
  • Improve backup and recovery times
  • Meet compliance requirements in terms of usage monitoring, email retention and reviews
  • Conduct an in-depth search of your entire email archive, saving time and money
  • Review reports on employee activity in order to monitor usage and enforce policies

Make sure your business is equipped with a successful, multi-purpose tool such as MailMeter and you’ll soon be thankful of its ‘life saving’ benefits.

For more information on how MailMeter can help you, get started with a free trial or contact one of our team at Waterford Technologies for a quote.