Locate emails for eDiscovery and compliance within seconds

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MailMeter is a next generation email compliance and archiving clientless software solution, which captures emails in real-time before compressing, de-duplicating, digitally stamping, and encrypting to a secure archive location which is located on-premise, or in the cloud. It solves multiple business problems for an organisation that needs to retain, and retrieve email records, are suffering from overwhelming email volumes, or that recognise the importance of email as a critical asset and source of business intelligence.

Why MailMeter?

  • Secure tamper proof searchable archive
  • Compliance and Policy Enforcement
  • Real Time DR for Email
  • Search Personal and Sensitive Data for DSAR purposes
  • Retention Management for GDPR
  • Cloud or On-Premise options
  • Eliminate unsecure PST files
  • Detailed Audit Trailing and Reporting to satisfy strict regulatory standard
  • Secure copy of 100% of email traffic
  • Reduce storage costs on email server
  • Assists in migration to new email platform such as O365
  • Advanced Search, eDiscovery and Investigations, that saves time and money

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