How Do You Make Disk Space Go Further?

“Data Strategy Reviews”

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

As Technical Sales Director of Waterford Technologies part of my Job is to do what we call “data strategy reviews” with our clients. Basically, We review the FileAchiver reporting interface and get a good understanding of what is occurring on a client’s File systems in terms of disk space.

Disk Space

One of our big mantras in relation to data management is “what you don’t know is hurting you”. These sessions which run to less than an hour usually try and help identify this “hurt”.

Interesting facts

I thought I’d share some of the more interesting stats that we have uncovered  recently while I travel around working with our clients.

  • Deleted 30% of a large 3,000 user Charity organisations entire data foot print during a session!
  • Found over 100 illegally downloaded movies sitting on a network
  • Office 2010 files are Huge!
  • Implemented File archiver as a more flexible backup solution
  • Most people don’t know that Microsoft thinks the world started on 31/12/1979…. Check your oldest file reports…
  • Most clients top 100 Files equals the same space savings you’d get from DE duplication….. think about that for a minute.
  • NSF/PST Files. Email data always seems to make its way onto the storage network…
  • There are always files on your network that you are 100% sure are blocked…
  • Depressingly for data administrators, Most data on any clients network can be shown to be redundant….

At least during these sessions we can help address the findings straight away and estimate how much disk space can be recovered

How Much Storage Can Be Saved?

One of our customers had 4TB of the organisations’ data stored on one single server. The he results achieved with FileArchiver were significant. After all of the client’s files were stubbed, the data on their primary storage was reduced to just 200GB.

FileArchiver also helped our client when they lost their storage device due to server failure. As FileArchiver can restore files from stubs, our client was able to restore all files without any data loss. Also, the entire process took only 6 hours and critical data restore was achieved in just an hour.