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Managing Data: Your Data Strategy

Waterford Technologies: Making Your Data Strategy Manageable Identifying and creating a data strategy for your company can be daunting. When dealing with

Waterford Technologies: Making Your Data Strategy Manageable

Identifying and creating a data strategy for your company can be daunting. When dealing with big data it can feel overwhelming as to how to approach it. We’re expert data strategists that can help you to make your data manageable again. Through our products you’ll be able to identify your data issues and then implement a plan that is easily managed and professionally handled by our team. We’ll help you through staging and storing your files as well as integrating and moving it.  We’re the complete package and the first choice for many companies.

Email Storage Statistics

  • 75% of a file server’s contents aren’t accessed after 30 days
  • Attachments alone can account for 90% of email data within your company
  • By stubbing your emails with our MailMeter system you’ll reduce your email storage by up to 80%

Our Solutions for Your Data Strategy

The key products that we can provide to help manage and implement your data strategy include:

  • MailMeter Archive: A comprehensive solution that captures every email sent or received and imports emails from existing mail servers and user PST or NSF files. It encrypts, compresses and indexes all email information.
  • MailMeter Storage Manager: Overcome problems associated with large mail stores such as PSTs/NSFs, quotas and long back up times. Dramatically reduce the size of your mail store by “stubbing” attachments.
  • MailMeter Investigate: An advanced investigative interface made specifically for legal professionals and staff that need to perform frequent in-depth searching and analysis for evidentiary discovery on past email activity, email messages and attachments. It offers group searching, tagging and export capabilities.
  • MailMeter Individual Search and Retrieval: For end-users to search their own email archive, it’s like having an unlimited Inbox with fast, intelligent searching.
  • MailMeter Compliance Review: Advanced interface for compliance officers who need to ensure compliance with regulations for FOI,GLBA, Basel ll, Data Protection Act requests. It offers random email selection or reviewer tracking and audit trails.
  • MailMeter Insight: Powerful drill-down reporting that provides never before-seen intelligence about email activity, usage patterns and trends. Understand where email poses a risk, and how to avoid liabilities. Perfect for proactively managing compliance, enforcing policies and monitoring employee non-business emails.
  • MailMeter MBA: A management and reporting solution that provides attachment categorisation and overall corporate email statistics for storage and mailbox management. Save time in email migrations and Upgrades
  • File Archiver: File Archiver automatically removes files according to policies you set and frees up space on your expensive storage devices. It replaces the files with links to the file that was moved to the archive. It is seamless to applications and users.
  • SISCIN: A cloud-based solution to analyse the data stored on your servers, SISCIN starts working in seconds and maps your organisation’s data in minutes allowing you to move only relevant data to the cloud.

The Key Questions to Ask Yourself Around Your Data Strategy

  1. What data should be collected? This may seem obvious, but it is all too often simply answered with “everything”.
  1. How long do I need to keep the data? You should monitor report usage to determine what analyses and data sources may no longer be needed and could be removed or archived.
  1. Where do I want to store the data? Some data needs to be available on-demand while other data may not be as time critical. A data strategy should consider what needs to be archived and where to archive it.
  1. Who has control over your data privacy and security? Who can access your data and what level of detail can they see? How should data be protected and/or encrypted?
  1. Where can your data be accessed? (trans-border issues). Some countries place restrictions on data that can be transmitted across their borders. Make sure your organization, or your cloud vendor, is not inadvertently violating governmental restrictions.
  1. What data can be displayed? Government and various country regulations control the use, storage, and display of personal data.
  1. Data governance; who owns the data? Who is responsible for its management and access control?