MailMeter Compliance Solution for Microsoft® Office 365™ & Gmail

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Why you need MailMeter Cloud with Office 365™ & Gmail

MailMeter Cloud is a next generation Email Archiving, eDiscovery and Compliance solution for MS O365 & Gmail. MailMeter Cloud is fully hosted in Azure (or we can deploy on premise) and enables organisations to gain full control of their email compliance archiving requirements. We enable you to maximize your existing investment in Office 365 or Gmail, while filling the compliance gap for users with a cost-effective alternative to E3, E5 and Google Vault plans. Also whether you are moving to, or already on Office 365 or Gmail, by utilising the Offive 365/Gmail journaling mechanism MailMeter Cloud will also help eliminate the complication and cost of holding onto Inactive mailbox licenses though our History Capture, as well as importing any legacy PST or MBOX files.

MailMeter Cloud Benefits

Compliance & Policy Enforcement

Intelligent email archiving, message tagging, annotations, export to multiple formats all via a consistent intuitive interface.

Search, eDiscovery and Investigation

Easier and faster way to access your data. Removes the complexity in conducting searches.

Retention Management

MailMeter Cloud can protect individual messages from deletion. Instead of a hold on a user you can just hold specific messages.

Avoid Single Vendor Dependency

MailMeter Cloud via journaling provides a seperate repository for your eDiscovery outside of your email tenant.

Cost Effective

MailMeter Cloud is a cost effective add on to your E1 subscription and an alternative to the E3 and E5 plans.

MS Office 365™ & Gmail

Help eliminate the complication and cost of holding onto inactive mailbox licenses through our History Capture, as well as importing any legacy PST files.

Why MailMeter Cloud?

  • No Hardware to maintain and manage
  • Unified eDiscovery and Compliance regardless of mix of O365 plans via journaling
  • Respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) promptly.
  • Retention Management to meet GDPR requirements.
  • Scalable - resourced to meet your organizations individual needs
  • Cost effective – no need to upgrade to E3 or E5
  • Data Sovereignty – journaling to a region closest to your organization

MailMeter Cloud is Secure!

  • Runs in GDPR Compliant Microsoft Azure Data Centers
  • Encrypted communication between Office 365 and MailMeter Cloud
  • Real-time 24x7 Monitoring
  • SSL Web Access

Broad Range of Services

  • Migration from premise MailMeter
  • Office 365 History Capture
  • PST, MBox and EML Import
  • Export Services

Review Our “7 Essentials” check list to make sure you’re ready

Decide how much data to bring

Do you know what data is needed and what data is redundant?
80% of all corporate data is redundant and costing you money to manage. We can advise on whether to bring all data, partial data or no data.

Safety Blanket

Have you got a copy of all of your data before migrating?
A copy of your data is required prior to migration as a back up if anything goes wrong. Remember your business depends on your data!

End User Retrieval

Can you provide historic emails to end users after they have been deleted?
Litigation could easily be avoided if retrieval of that “all important” email can be provided quickly & efficiently. Make sure you have yourself covered!

Guaranteed Access To Your Data

Can you access your data if there are any issues with access to cloud?
Retain a copy of your data on premise to guarantee you are always in control!

Freedom to move from Cloud Provider

Have you got the ability to move away from Office 365 if required?
By journaling outside of Office 365 tenant MailMeter gives you this freedom, after all it’s your data to do with what you wish!

100% Compliant

Are you are up to standard on regulatory compliance and policy enforcement?
MailMeter will ensure compliance with regulations for FOI, GLBS, Basel ll, Data Protection Act Requests and more.

Consolidate Data from other Email Platforms

Data from other email platforms can be consolidated into MailMeter Cloud.

Review our “7 Essentials” Check List to make sure you have everything covered

EDiscovery Functionality

Do you need to be able to search and retrieve data across your entire historical email footprint in a fast and compliant manner?

MailMeter gives you the ability to search and retrieve every mail even after it’s been deleted.

Retention Management

MailMeter allows you to keep content of departed employees long after their mailbox has been deleted from Microsoft® Office 365™

Single Vendor dependency

MailMeter takes a copy of every email sent or received and stores it independently from Microsoft® Office 365™ allowing you to manage single vendor risks by utilising a separate copy of your email content in real-time


MailMeter provides you with the mechanism to understand what you do with your email system and how it’s used in real time allowing you to build real understanding into the analysis of how your organisation uses email helping with productivity, risk management and trend analysis

Real Time Disaster Recovery for Emails

MailMeter provides real-time DR outside of the O365 architecture covering any concerns around loss of access to O365.

Maintain Integrity

MailMeter ensures a tamper proof archive containing a legally compliant copy of all email to maintain integrity.

Secure Copy of 100% of email

MailMeter stores a copy of all emails outside of the O365 architecture which is secure, encrypted and maintained by your organisation. Microsoft do not back up O365. Risk/disaster recovery needs to be an essential part of email management