Microsoft V The US Government! Does Europe have the stomach for the fight?

MicrosoftMicrosoft V The US Government

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

With the impending Microsoft case against the US government in relation to access to data on their servers in Europe it is interesting to see the response from the EU. read the article here.

My reading of this is, while as usual the EU will talk the talk , I’m not so sure they will walk the walk.

It’s interesting to see Cameron’s take on this in light of Charlie Hedbo attack where he backs some government access to private data.

There are many pros in moving your data to the US based companies clouds (they are the big players after all ) but maybe it would be prudent to keep a copy for risk mitigation purposes.

That’s why looking at email archiving and compliant products like ours would be worth a few minutes of your time

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