Need an Archiving Solution? – The Answer Is Yes!

Archiving! A World Wide Requirement

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

I spend a lot of my time doing evaluation reviews of our email and file archiving solution around the world and though it sounds glamorous travelling from place to place, country to country and staying in nice hotels it actually can get very tedious.

On the other hand, my friends often think my job is tedious when in fact that is often where the interesting part of my day takes place.

It’s very quick and easy to install an evaluation of  FileArchiver or MailMeter so often when we are describing what our software can do for someone its easier just to get it installed and let the stats talk for themselves;

I’ve listed below a few gems we have uncovered just in the last few months where I’ve got that open mouth, hand to the face, OMG moment.

FileAnalyzer Lite

It can make for interesting reading;

Statistics from review;

File data analysis and breakdown:

  1. 11 file types out of 3507 equate to 79% of entire data
  2. PST s files loaded on network took up over 10% of all data and MS doesn’t support them on a network drive
  3. Largest file was a 12 GB video clip
  4. Top 20 files equate to 3% of entire network
  5. Top 100 files equate to 9% of entire network
  6. 750000+ duplicates on one drive alone
  7. 15 Sage database backups from 2004 which is not used anymore was over 50 GB
  8. Identified illegal PlayStation games being loaded on a company network for distribution
  9. Identified sensitive emails being auto forwarded to a Hotmail account
  10. Top 10 mailboxes were more than half the total size of the information store

If you want to see what’s truly going on with your data and how an archiving solution can benefit you? why don’t you give us a call