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Offering a Total Data Centre Solution with File Archiving

Revenue Boost For Data Centres Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies Data centres looking to add value to their proposition and boost recurring

Revenue Boost For Data Centres

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Data centres looking to add value to their proposition and boost recurring revenue streams should be looking to file archiving as a solution. Not only does it allow you to be more intelligent with how you store data, but also lets you offer a more tailored service to your customers, ensuring they get the storage solution that’s right for them.

Waterford Technologies provides market leading file archiving and file analysing software which gives the biggest margin opportunities for data service providers and resellers.

Providing Clarity

Our software actually gives clarity on what your customer’s data is and helps to analyse where it should be stored depending on factors such as how easily it needs to be accessed. This enables you to offer appropriate solutions, with lower costs applied to data that needs to be accessed less regularly. This, of course, saves the customer money and allows you as a data centre to take an honest approach to selling storage. You can rest easy knowing your customers are getting the best deal, and they will be impressed with the service and savings.

Waterford’s software is able to:

  • Identify and classify your customer data before uploading to the data centre, giving you a clearer view of where and how it should be stored.
  • Give a low cost of implementation as we evaluate, demonstrate and install for your customers.
  • Identify static data for Information Lifecycle management.
  • Be offered as a white label product as an integral part of your DR, backup and archiving to data centre solution.
  • Be offered as File Analyzer software – a service with Petabyte capabilities.
  • Be integrated with existing data upload S3 connectors.

Our software development is flexible and agile so that it can be tailored to suit your needs, and it’s clientless as well, making it easy to maintain and install. Not only does it let you identify, migrate and sort data, it also gives your customers the opportunity to apply their own policies and compliance requirements before moving data to the data centre – offering a total solution.

Our Software in Action

One client that has taken advantage of our software’s agile approach is Savenet Solutions who provide data solutions across a variety of sectors. They chose to use our MailMeter Email and File Archiving Solutions as a core part of their services to clients. Of their time working with us, their Director Susan Dixon says: “The decision to team up with Waterford Technologies was initially based just on the quality of their products, but we’ve been working with Waterford for just over two years now and the support we get is excellent, both for pre sales and post sales technical support. They are now a key strategic partner of Savenet. We love their solutions as they greatly help to reduce our clients’ backup and DR costs – which they equally love!”

Our enviable client list in the UK public sector, government and private industry and we are looking to expand into the UK data centre market, complementing our existing US, Irish  and central European client base. To take advantage of our top class incentives for new resellers coming on board, contact us today on 0845 378 0935. Or visit our new website