Office 365™ Loves MailMeter – here’s why…

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Did you know Office 365™ and MailMeter from Waterford Technologies go hand in hand?

by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

If Microsoft Office 365™ is your organisation’s cloud storage solution of choice, MailMeter is the most suitable candidate for a 3rd party provider. Enhancing both the capabilities and security of your stored email data, MailMeter flawlessly compliments Office 365™’s current functions – here’s how…

  1. Retention management – following the departure of an employee, MailMeter will enable you to store the contents of their mailbox after it has been deleted from Office 365™.
  2. E-Discovery functionality – despite the thousands of archived emails you may have stored or deleted, MailMeter allows you to conduct a comprehensive search and the ability to retrieve the exact one you’re looking for.
  3. Single vendor dependency management – relying on a single vendor can be risky business; MailMeter has been designed to be able to store a copy of every email that is sent or received and completely separate from the Office 365™ location.
  4. Reporting features – a detailed report of how your business uses email will allow you to monitor its effectiveness in real-time, which therefore helps you with productivity, risk management and trend analysis.
  5. Real time disaster recovery for emails – if you ever lose access to Office 365™, MailMeter is on hand to provide any disaster recovery you may require.
  6. Maintaining integrity – honesty is important to us, which is why MailMeter can ensure a tamper proof archive of all legally compliant email copies.
  7. Secure copy of 100% of email traffic – Office 365™ does not get backed up by Microsoft, meaning risk of losing access to your archived emails is high. MailMeter expertly stores all email copies away from the Office 365™ architecture which can be easily managed by your organisation.

As a match made in heaven, MailMeter and Office 365™ both play a perfect part in keeping your email data secure. This easy, cost-effective companionship will reduce your email data by 80% and is fully compatible with all of your organisation’s Microsoft Office software.

What’s not to love?

You can witness this perfect double act first hand with our free MailMeter demo or request a quote from one of our experts.