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OnDemand Pricing Option for Email Archive

  Irvine, CA August 14, 2012: Waterford Technologies, a leader in ease-of-use email and file archiving and storage management solutions, announced today


Irvine, CA August 14, 2012:

Waterford Technologies, a leader in ease-of-use email and file archiving and storage management solutions, announced today a new pricing model for North America customers that allows users to only pay a license fee when they need to search, tag and export archived email. The additional pricing model, MailMeter OnDemand, empowers users to proactively archive and prepare for any eDiscovery or request for information but offers the flexibility to pay and access archived information only when needed.

“It is interesting to note that for many customers, the value of email archiving is only realized when the company needs to respond to a request to search, retrieve and export email based on some unscheduled event,” said Michael Hardy, Vice President of Business Development for Waterford Technologies. “Our new OnDemand pricing allows customers to proactively build their archive to ensure they are prepared at all times, paying no license fee for the software and eliminating the capital expense.”

Under the new pricing model, customers will pay a pre-disclosed fee to gain on demand access to Waterford’s enterprise class and litigation tested Investigate and Insight Modules, providing for advanced search, review, tagging, and export capabilities. Like all MailMeter products, OnDemand licensing will support Exchange, Lotus Notes and Office365 installations.

It is absolutely critical for companies to build their archive while emails are being sent and received. Recovering email from backups is expensive, slow and unreliable. Email can be deleted before backups are run and searching for specific content in the email server poses the risk of missing email that has been deleted. Organizations need to know what was sent before making personnel or litigation decisions, because if an individual is taking action on an email that was sent but that an organization can’t locate, there is no way to be prepared.

“We want to give companies the option of at a minimum building their archive today,” said Hardy. “Only if they need to search, review, tag and export email will they pay for the use license. OnDemand pricing gives enormous flexibility to pay for email archiving as an operating expense, and being tied to specific litigation may even qualify the costs for reimbursement through litigation insurance.”

Email archiving, like backup, is often seen as an insurance policy, a way to protect the company in the event that something might happen. As such, many companies defer deploying email archiving. However, only through enterprise archiving can a company ensure that everything is captured, indexed, and unchanged from the original, an absolute requirement for legal eDiscovery. With MailMeter OnDemand, a company can deploy all the necessary tools to be prepared. A standard maintenance contract is required to deploy MailMeter OnDemand and installation is optional, though suggested. Customers are also offers the choice of a premium maintenance contract which includes access to additional MailMeter modules and quarterly health checks. All OnDemand pricing is disclosed beforehand, so customers are confident of the costs up front, and there is no penalty for upgrading to perpetual licensing for any MailMeter modules.