“ A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”

Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

Not many people know this but this phrase was coined by an American called Frederick R. Barnard to commend the effectiveness of graphics in advertising.

Today we release our take on this concept and I’m quite excited about it. Introducing Mailbox Analyzer Lite.

I spend a lot of my time talking to potential clients  and even existing clients about the benefits of the Waterford Technologies MailMeter suite of products and focusing on the various benefits we can bring to an organisation such as data reduction, content analysis, e-discovery etc.

I also see countless times that a client will not fully grasp the full potential of our product until they see it running on real ( and more importantly ) their own data.

When we do a POC we really get the eureka moment as you can almost see the various feature benefits hit home as we analyse their actual data.

I understand that not everyone is at that advanced stage in a project to commit resources to a full POC so that’s why today is reallyMailbox Analyzer good for you.

You now can get a quick clientless look at your mailbox, Its size, types of attachments you get, largest domains sent and received from.

I’ll bet you’ll get that understanding I see all the time at POC’s when its giving you back stats on your own data.

This by no means is even close to revealing all the information we give you in the full product but think of it as a sneak peak at the make-up of your mailbox, If yours is holding a lot of redundant data, you can be sure so are all your colleagues.

Or as Frederick said in the 1920’s ….“ A Picture paints a thousand words”

Check out the link to Mailbox Analyzer Lite and see for yourself the make-up of your own mailbox in minutes…..

Try our New Mailbox Analyzer Lite today.