• Waterford Technologies provide Data Management solutions in the area of Email & File Solutions for an extensive array of clients across all sectors including; Legal, Financial, Health, Education, Government, etc.
  • Our products are all driven by an objective to be cost effective and are guaranteed to save organisation’s time & money.
  • One of the key advantages our solutions has over its competitors is the significant ease of installation and ease of use. We continually get feedback from our customers (and Gartner also highlighted) about the “ease of management and the hands-off nature of the products, meaning the product can be deployed and largely runs itself”.
  • Our products are adaptable and scalable and support a variety of platforms.

Our Products At A Glance

  • MailMeter – Best of breed enterprise email archiving & compliance solution that’s easy to use, easy to install & is competitively priced.
  • SISCIN – A seamless, transparent Cloud-based Solution enabling secure migration of only your relevant data to the Cloud.
  • MailMeter 365 – Our email archiving & compliance solution for Office 365.