Best of Both MailMeter &
SISCIN in One Suite

Our passion for data management, information governance, and 20 years of experience allows you to utilize the best of our solutions to easily manage Email and File management, retention, eDiscovery, reporting, analysis, archiving, and global regulations.

The toolset to help your company meet the demands of the regulatory data protection & compliance such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FOI, and local government legislation.

Simplify Email and File Management

With the best of both MailMeter and SISCIN, you get full visibility, control, analysis, and automation of your email and file data. Reducing costs and protecting your company.
ComplyKey is our Data Management Suite which consists of our MailMeter and SISCIN products which combined will solve your Email and file data management and compliance challenges.

Simplified Technology, Effortless Results

Streamline management and response times to internal, external, FOI, DSAR, CCPA, government regulations, and DPA assessments easily and effectively with ComplyKey.
Understand Your Risk
As much as 80% of all data in your company is held in email and file, which contains personal, special category data, medical, financial, HR & client information in unsecured, easily accessible locations.
Gain Control
The ability to analyze, search, review, and action full search results in realtime for eDiscovery. Automate notifications, retention, archiving, encryption, indexing in the cloud, or on-premise.
Save Time and Money
Control also means you can reduce your license and time costs. No need for complex and costly add-ons, assign the right license to the right user, reduce backup times and costs, and automate your policies to gain control of your time too.

How It Works

Intelligent role-based access allows IT, HR, Compliance, and Governance personnel to access a single point of control with an audit trail. Create automated policies to eliminate manual processes.
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Avoid Fines and Reputational Damage With ComplyKEY.


ComplyKey – How It Works

Filter and Exclusion Capabilities

Filter email to identify potential issues for your sector.
Complex, templated and automated identification to enable actions in realtime. Use keyword, word lists, templates, and regular expressions (REGEX) notifications to stop regulation and risk breaches being captured.
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Search, Review and Action Data

Enable quick, easy, full searches of email and file data.
Search all emails and files in seconds for full, non-sampled results. Review in realtime and take action.

Minimise and Automate

Analyze, Remove, Deduplicate, Review, Export, Compress, Encrypt, and Apply Retention.
Remove obsolete data, identify older data, move to secure archive with a portal to retrieve and review at any time from anywhere.
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Security, Encryption, and Verification

Prove a secure, tamperproof, verifiable archive
All archived data is compressed and encrypted to provide security for data at rest. Providing best practice in data protection and global compliance regulations. Verification of emails provides proof that content has not been tampered with or changed.

Policy-Based Management

Create automatically tailored policies for your data
Policies for all your email and file data that fits your requirements, not one size fits all. Automate, Archive, Analyze, Compress, Cloud, Deduplicate, Encrypt, Filter, Find, Minimize, Monitor, Tag, Retention, etc. With granular controls for location, owner, department, type, size, date, keywords, age, etc.

ComplyKEY, Data Protection and Management Your Way

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Helping our clients succeed with Email and File Management and Compliance
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