DiscoveryControl – making the case for compliance

DiscoveryControl is a software platform built to streamline the process of dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements.

Automate the workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements

DiscoveryControl records request management software automates data privacy management workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements. An innovative product that streamlines the tedious process of managing, and responding to government and industry compliance regulations. It offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies compliance management by providing automated tracking, notifications, and reporting.

Are you looking to reduce workload? Do you need to keep up-to-date on all the latest regulatory requirements? The record requests managmement software had automated alerts ensure that data protection officers never miss a deadline due to missed paperwork or other administrative issues.

Furthermore, this built-for-purpose records request management software maximizes data compliance by monitoring multiple regulations simultaneously and increasing overall efficiency. Automating the workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements is a great tech solution for businesses that want to save time and money and remain compliant.

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A fully managed service, DiscoveryControl, is an easy-to-use GRC software system that is fully supported by our team of technical and legal consultants. Ready to use upon installation. It is a paperless solution that allows organizations to easily manage FOI, DSAR, EIR, AIE, FOIA, HIPPA, and any other regulatory requirement.

Compliance regulations are a time-consuming, complex process. With our automated regulatory workflow solution, you can reduce stress and simplify your regulatory compliance operations. Our product streamlines the process of understanding and responding to new regulations, supplying a comprehensive overview in real-time. Includes advanced analytics to identify patterns within your data, allowing for rapid decision-making based on insights gained from the collected information.

Why should I consider DiscoveryControl?

  • Have you had a DSAR/ FOI request and how was the process managed?
  • Can you manage when the requests increase over the coming year?
  • Have you been fined?
  • Have you had a data breach?
  • How do you know when a deadline is missed?
  • How do you know if there is an internal delegation that’s outstanding?
  • How do you know if someone has changed the data? (Can you prove no data has been altered?)
  • Is there a procedure when the main administrator is on leave?
  • If the ICO came knocking on your door, would you be able to show your process and audit history?
  • How well do you comply with the statutory time limits for answering requests?
  • Do you monitor and seek to improve your own FOI performance? How do you do this currently?
  • Are you able to supply an audit trail of how a records request was conducted?
  • If you are audited can you provide evidence that this sensitive data is protected, and access restricted to authorized users?
  • Can you provide evidence that your Records Request Policy is enforced, and that cases are dealt with consistently and fairly, and that essential data is captured for reporting and analysis purposes?
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Did you know that on average 30% of the requests that our clients receive can be resolved through the disclosure log?

DiscoveryControl – records request management in action

DiscoveryControl works by streamlining the workflow of delegating tasks and setting deadlines dictated by the request type. Organizations that are (already) using our MailMeter and SISCIN products, specific delegations to those teams provide precise search criteria to ensure more accurate searches.

NOTE – MailMeter and/or SISCIN are not required to use DiscoveryControl, they just save time sourcing the files from your system.

When this information is entered into DiscoveryControl the Case Manager (usually your data compliance officer or DPO) can select from a library of e-mails and respond to the person who requested the information. Here is a quick overview of the process;

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DiscoveryControl puts you in control of your request process. It supplies a fast, simple, and secure way to create uniform requests that are received through a public portal or email, anytime and anywhere. With DiscoveryControl you no longer have to worry about missing a request – it works for you before anyone else does! Streamline your records request management process today with DiscoveryControl, and ensure that all of your requests are handled efficiently and effectively.

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We understand that streamlining legal governance, risk & compliance processes, and improving efficiency is essential. That’s why we offer a custom solution to help you easily transform requests into categorized cases. Our specialized service utilizes sector knowledge to make this process quick and easy – all it takes is two clicks! Plus, the categorizations are agreed upon ahead of time, so there’s no room for human error. Finally, automatic deadlines ensure that tasks remain on track at all times.

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Time is money. Get more of both with delegations. Discovery Controls’ comprehensive case management system allows you to quickly collate the information needed from within your organization.  Easily assign tasks and delegate responsibility for tracking down necessary information – saving time and effort in the process. Activity is fully audited so you can be sure that nothing gets lost or mismanaged in the process.

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DiscoveryControl is designed to help you streamline your workflow and save resources. You can quickly and easily bring together all the feedback from your delegates into one complete case response. No need to spend hours sifting through responses manually; simply select from our library of rich emails and send them directly to requestors.  Get started today and revolutionize how you manage cases.

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A powerful yet simple solution for managing records request workflow, DiscoveryControl, was designed to breathe life into workflows. It allows you to gain real-time insights into processes and workloads. With it, you can detect potential risks and bottlenecks before they become an issue, as well as receive notifications of upcoming deadlines. Additionally, the self-service feature allows you to access and control the Disclosure Log quickly and easily.

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DiscoveryControl – making the case for compliance

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