One-Stop Email Solution for Archiving, eDiscovery, and Storage Management.

MailMeter is recognized as one of the leading email archiving solutions worldwide for both Cloud and On-Premise email platforms to provide management, eDiscovery, retention, and automation that is not available in Email.

Email Archiving Simplified

MailMeter is a cloud or on-premise email management and compliance platform where you can find every single email in your organization, conduct eDiscovery, freedom of information, and DSAR searches directly from your desktop or online. The email archiving solution gives you the ability to narrow the scope of your search across email using clearly defined criteria.

Office 365

Office 365 and Gmail are good – MailMeter makes them better

We love Office 365 too, but growing costs, complexity and dependency mean it can always be better.
To provide eDiscovery, retention, compliance, and visibility O365 requires E3 with Add-ons or E5 licenses for every user. MailMeter works with EVERY license.
Compliance Gaps
eDiscovery, retention and legal hold all require expensive and complex add-ons or full E5 licenses.
O365 eDiscovery and compliance require complex planning and implementation, with slow and sampled search results that are difficult to review, retrieve, and export.
Data Loss
Shared mailboxes have a 50GB limit with restricted retention, discovery, compliance, and legal hold capabilities.

Features and Benefits – How We Help

Email data management and compliance start with visibility – Waterford Technologies gives our clients the visibility they need for effective monitoring, eDiscovery, auditing, and reporting across a variety of data regulation standards. MailMeter empowers you to easily reduce email risk, detect and respond in real-time to threats, and prove regulatory compliance.
Email licenses can be very expensive, especially when over or mis-licensed. on-premise email can become a storage and regulation risk. MailMeter provides visibility and management to reduce costs and storage.
Implement retention policies to meet regulations, by users, departments, keywords, phrases, attachments to meet the various complex retention regulations in your sector and not just by a generic date. Keep what you need.
Create automated reports based on your sector, PII, PCI DSS, RegEx, financial, regulations, risk, compliance, HR, board, or end-user policies. To flag and require actions to any potential violations before they become an issue.
Advanced organizational wide eDiscovery and search with Outlook type UI for keyword, date, user, phrase, boolean, content, attachment searches to provide IT, HR, DPO & admins access to resolve issues quickly, via full reports, not samples.
Every interaction with the Archive provides a full audit trail of all verified users and departments and their actions. Demonstrating strict regulatory standards of processing and procedures of best practice.
Proactive approach by classifying before archiving. Discovery and indexing of data in order to simplify the search process. Preventative monitoring to identify and remediate risk via specific individuals or departments.

MailMeter – How It Works


A Separate Repository for Your eDiscovery Outside of Your Email Tenant
Configured within our Azure for Cloud clients or locally for on-premise clients. Clientless install for quick and easy deployment including remote staff. Providing real-time capture of all emails in and out of your organization. Ensuring no data gaps or losses via deletion or licensing.

Dedicated Repository

Single Instance, Compress, Encrypt, Digitally Stamp and Index all Content
As MailMeter captures in realtime, we also provide a history capture for all historical emails and PST’s. As we ingest them into the repository we single-instance, compress, encrypt, digitally stamp and index all content in the body and attachments. This provides a secure and protected repository separate from your email platform for full eDiscovery, monitoring, visibility, minimization, and retention setting.


Tag, Delete/Apply Retention Policies, Legal Hold, Access Block Capabilities to Relevant Data
Now you have a single tamper-proof repository with all content encrypted and indexed, this provides unrivaled search times with the ability to action the search in realtime. Let MailMeter take care of your eDiscovery and retention needs regardless of license or user actions.
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