MailMeter is your Email Archive and Email Storage Solution

Email Archive/Outlook/Email Archive/Email Storage/Email Archiving Solution

Comprehensive email storage and management

Capture, encrypt, compress and index email

MailMeter Archive A comprehensive core solution to email archiving that captures every email sent or received and imports emails from existing mail servers and user PST or NSF files. It encrypts compresses and indexes all email information.

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Reduce The Size of Your Email Server by up to 80% With MailMeter's email storage

Storage Manager: Overcome Problems associated with large mail stores such as PST’s, quotas and long back up times. Dramatically reduce the size of your email storage by “stubbing” attachments.

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Quickly & Easily Meet eDiscovery, Compliance & FOI Requests

Investigate: An advanced investigative interface made specifically for organizations that need to perform frequent in-depth searching and analysis for evidentiary discovery on past email activity, email messages and attachments. It offers group searching, tagging and export capabilities.

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Comprehensive End User Search and Retrieval Tools

Individual Search & Retrieval: Give your end-users more control. It’s like having an unlimited inbox with fast, intelligent searching even for emails that have long since been deleted. MailMeter also includes an optional Outlook Add-In to enhance your Outlook email archive.

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Meet regulatory requirements and corporate policies

Compliance Review: Advanced Interface for compliance officers who need to ensure compliance with regulations for FOI, GLBS, Basel ll, Data Protection Act Requests and more. MailMeter offers random email selection or reviewer tracking with audit trails.

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Gain visibility on email activity, usage patterns and trends

Insight: Powerful drill-down reporting that provides never-before-seen intelligence about email activity, usage patterns and trends. Understand where email poses a risk, and how to avoid liabilities. Perfect for proactively managing compliance, enforcing policies

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Flexible and powerful email retention management

Retention Manager: The Retention Manager module is a flexible and powerful option for organizations that need more granular control of retention and destruction of email. It gives you the ability to create multiple retention categories and assign departments or specific users to different periods.

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MailMeter Cloud

Office 365 Integration: MailMeter Cloud is the perfect companion for Microsoft® Office 365 giving it the functionality needed for deployment and added security in an easy, cost-effective manner.

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What are the Benefits of using MailMeter?

MailMeter is a secure and reliable email archiving solution. With MailMeter, you can reduce your email data by 80%, eliminate PSTs forever, provide detailed analysis and drill-down reporting, become legally compliant & recover deleted email instantly.

  • Improve email storage by reducing storage consumption on your email server, which improves back up times and recovery
  • Meet compliance requirements for retention or review, and for acceptable usage monitoring
  • Forensic search capabilities save you time and money in an investigative action
  • Monitor employee activity, attachments and enforce policy through its drill-down reports

A clientless and adaptable storage solution
for organizations of any size

Email Archive/Outlook Email Archive/Email Storage/Email Archiving Solution

On Premise

  • MailMeter supports MS Exchange, Domino, Zarafa, MS Office 365 and Google Mail
  • MailMeter requires a local Windows server, access to an SQL database and access to cheap disk for efficient storage of your email archive, in the most cost effective & flexible way possible.
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Access to 100% of copies of all emails in case of deletions, eDiscovery requirements or FOI requests
Email Archive/Outlook Email Archive/Email Storage/Email Archiving Solution<==>Email Archive/Outlook Email Archive/Email Storage/Email Archiving Solution


  • MailMeter supports MS Exchange, Domino, Zarafa, MS Office 365 and Google Mail
  • Leverage your existing investment in MailMeter or SQL by writing your archive volumes to the cloud
  • Improved disaster recovery for assets hosted in the cloud
  • Portability if you move offices or change infrastructure.
  • Allows you to maintain a balanced control of your data.
Email Archive/Outlook Email Archive/Email Storage/Email Archiving Solution


  • MailMeter supports MS Exchange, Domino, Zarafa, MS Office 365 and Google Mail
  • No server side software, database or space requirements
  • Fully portable if you change email providers or infrastructure
  • Reduces IT management of software upgrades, hardware and software requirements
  • Full Disaster recovery in case of outage. Your email platform can be down and you still will have access to the archives
  • Predictable monthly subscription fees
  • Scalable architecture. No more hardware or server upgrades
  • Full MailMeter functionality including the Outlook add-in