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MailMeter Compliance Review provides an advanced browser based interface for compliance officers who need to ensure compliance with regulations such as FOI, GLBS and Basel II.

Our Compliance Review module gives you the ability to monitor email content against a specific list of words. The system will then flag any message containing these words and send a report to a reviewer or auditor.

The automated system allows reviewers to specify rules for users or tags and set sampling rates and date ranges. This allows compliance officers to spend less time reviewing individual mails and more time reviewing and improving policies.

Acceptable Usage Monitoring

With MailMeter Compliance Review you can easily monitor email usage and identify inappropriate use of the email system based on predefined rules. Email containing financial terms, inappropriate language, dangerous or threatening words or even trade secrets can be flagged and sent to a compliance officer for review. MailMeter Compliance Review can generate reviews daily, weekly, monthly or for specific time periods.

Faster Review Process

For business or regulatory purposes your compliance officer may have to review all or a specific percentage of email. MailMeter Compliance Review automatically searches the content of emails and delivers a report to designated reviewers based on matches to a word list. A reviewer can quickly read and review only the flagged emails and then mark them for further review if they contain inappropriate behaviour.

Trusted Compliance

MailMeter Compliance Review automatically collects a copy of all emails and preserves them in a temper proof archive. As every email is assigned a digital signature, you can be sure that the mails contained in the archive is unaltered copy of the original email. MailMeter Compliance Review can also force reviewers to “stamp” each flagged message to ensure it has actually been reviewed.

MailMeter Compliance Review Benefits

  • Achieve faster and more efficient compliance
  • Monitor email usage and identify inappropriate use
  • Compliance officers spend less time reviewing content
  • Archive contains complete and verifiable copy of your email

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