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With MailMeter Insight’s powerful drill-down browser based reporting and email analysis capabilities your business can achieve never-before-seen intelligence about email activity, usage patterns and trends.

Imagine getting a clear picture of how your employees are interacting with each other over email. Imagine being able to identify email usage and analyse abuse of the email system to enforce policies

MailMeter Insight allows you to do just that and provides a safe pair of eyes over the correspondence in your company. Our email analysis and reporting software allows you to proactively manage compliance and enforce policies.

Report on Email Usage

MailMeter Insight allows you to create several types of reports to analyse how your employees use email. MailMeter Insight makes it easy to report on top senders and recipients, both internally and externally, top conversation pairs, subject lines, most popular and suspicious attachment types and trend graphs.

Enforce Email Policies

MailMeter Insight gives you the reporting and analysis capabilities you need to identify email policy abuses. Whether this is the sending of inappropriate content, use of the email system for personal use or the leaking of proprietary or confidential information, MailMeter Insight’s email analysis and reporting capabilities gives you the tools you need to identify email policy breaches.

Forensic Investigation

MailMeter Insight puts the power to conduct forensic investigations in the hands of managers rather than the IT department. Avoid wasting valuable technical resources on email investigations. MailMeter Insight’s browser based reports means that HR or financial professionals have the tools they need to analyse the company’s email activity.

Reduce Email Storage & Bandwidth

MailMeter Insight makes it easy for your employees to analyse email usage and identify improper use. By analysing users who are regularly sending large and unnecessary documents through the email system, whether for legitimate purposes or not, staff can be trained on better use of the system to reduce the amount of data sent and received.

Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

MailMeter Insight means that managers can report on and analyse the email usage of their staff with ease. This allows them to easily identify personal use of the email system or users sending and receiving content such as music or movie files. This makes it easy for managers to train and discipline users and increase productivity.

Eliminate Inappropriate Content

MailMeter Insight’s analysis capabilities allow you to easily identify and eliminate the sending of inappropriate content. Whether this is abusive content, inappropriate language or offensive jokes and attachments, our tool allows you to monitor the content sent and received over the email system and avoid potential employee disputes or legal issues arising from inappropriate content.

MailMeter Insight Benefits

  • Monitor and report on email activity
  • Analyse email usage and activity
  • Gain an insight into email storage and growth
  • Report on and analyse usage trends
  • Enforce email policies and identify breaches
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Identify and eliminate inappropriate content

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