MailMeter Investigate – Email Ediscovery Solution

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MailMeter Investigate is an advanced investigative interface specifically made for professionals who need to perform frequent and in-depth searching and analysis of historical email activity.

The MailMeter Investigate module offers efficient email storage and retrieve which allows you to quickly and easily meet ediscovery, compliance and freedom of information requests.

MailMeter Investigate gives you the tools you need to search through millions of email messages in seconds, reducing the time to find documents and saving you both time and money.

Save Time & Money Retrieving Emails

MailMeter Investigate can search through millions of email messages in seconds. The module’s advanced search interface and extremely fast response time enables you to quickly and easily respond to legal discovery requests. This can save thousands of dollars by dramatically reducing email retrieval requests and eliminating the need to hire outsourced firms or paralegals to perform these searches.

EDiscovery & Investigations

MailMeter Investigate allows you to meet ediscovery requests faster than ever. In preparing to go to court, the ability to produce electronic document or prove their non-existence quickly could be incredibly important. MailMeter Investigate also assists with internal investigations and allows managers to identify inappropriate behaviour by employees and get the evidence they need for employee discipline and dismissals.

Faster & Better Search Requests

The ability to perform a “Google-like” search of the company’s email from a browser means legal professionals can spend less time searching and more time reviewing documents. The module’s advanced search interface allows you to quickly search for specific words within any email message or attachment, even if it has been deleted.

Protect Privileged Information

Providing ediscovery tools to your employees or to contractors does not have to mean exposing confidential or proprietary information. MailMeter Investigate’s tagging feature allows you to mark emails as “Privileged” or “Confidential”. This allows you to protect privileged, non-relevant or confidential emails while still allowing user to perform ediscovery actions.

MailMeter Storage Manager Benefits

  • Save time and money on ediscovery requests
  • Perform faster and more accurate searches of the database
  • Avoid outsourcing ediscovery requests
  • Allow employees to focus on reviewing document not searching for them
  • Protect confidential information from the discovery process

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