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MailMeter Individual Search and Retrieval is a powerful search tool which allows end users to search their own email archive. For end users, it’s like having an unlimited inbox with fast, intelligent search features.

MailMeter Individual Search and Retrieval also allows you to reduce the total size of your email database as users can find any email they have ever sent and received through the ISR browser application.

Powerful Search Features

MailMeter Individual Search and Retrieval provides your end users with powerful search features including wildcard, Boolean, verb tense and proximity search. Searches can also be narrowed by data range, email address and domain. This allows your end users to find any email they have ever sent or received even if it was deleted without submitting a request to the IT department.

Eliminate Quotas and PST Files

Around 91% of all emails are only read once but employees still demand unlimited mailbox sizes. When they exceed quotas, they may resort to storing email locally on PST files which are risky and difficult to manage. With MailMeter ISR, employees can access every email they have ever sent or received even if it has been deleted removing the need to store mails in PST files.

Reduce Email Database Size

With MailMeter ISR you can become a hero to your users and save huge amounts of storage. For users, it’s like having unlimited mailbox size with fast, intelligent searching. MailMeter captures all incoming, outgoing and internal company emails and stores them in a separate location from your email server. With MailMeter ISR users have a secured access to search and retrieve any email they ever sent or received quickly and easily

MailMeter ISR Benefits

  • Powerful search features for end users
  • Give employees access to every mail sent and received
  • Eliminate quotas and PST files
  • Reduce email database storage and improve performance

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