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MailMeter Archive is a comprehensive email archiving solution that captures, encrypts, compresses and indexes every email sent and received and imports email from existing servers and user PST or NSF files.
MailMeter Archive works seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure, providing you with a comprehensive secure and verifiable archive of all your organisation’s messaging.

Capture Every Email

MailMeter Archive gets to work immediately after it has been installed and captured every email sent and received, both internal and external. MailMeter Archive indexes the body text and attachments and stores compressed and encrypted copies of the rich text and attachment to a separate archive volume. Our archiving solution also assigns a digital signature to each mail so you can ensure it has not been altered in any way.

Import Existing Database

In addition to capturing all new emails sent and received, the optional MailMeter History Capture can also import your entire existing active email database. This allows you to create a complete archive of your email while also benefiting from reduced email storage requirements as our solution applied a stubbing process to historical mail.

Import PST/NSF Files

When users experience mailbox quotas they often resort to saving mails on locally stored PST or NSF files. These files can be easily be deleted or become corrupted and are difficult to manage. MailMeter Archive allows you to import these files to you can be sure that all emails and attachments are stored in one central and secure location.

Verifiable and Secure Archive

MailMeter Archive captures and stores a copy of every email independently of end user actions. If a user deletes an email, MailMeter Archive will still have a complete copy of this message stored securely in the archive. All email captured is also assigned a unique digital signature. This means you can be sure any email retrieved has not been altered in any way providing you with a secure and verifiable archive.

Regulatory Compliance & Litigation

MailMeter Archive means you can be sure that you have every email relating to a specific case in the event of an investigation or legal case. You can also be confident that you can produce all the necessary information when it comes to an internal or regulatory audit as all email is securely archived and verifiable.

MailMeter Archive Benefits

  • Capture every incoming and outgoing email
  • Secure and complete archive of all email records
  • Import existing email database and PST files
  • Ensure regulatory compliance is adhered to
  • Assist with litigation and ediscovery requests

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