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Office 365 integration
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The Microsoft Office 365 email platform provides easy access to email anywhere and on any device, not to mention greater collaboration abilities and removing the needs for an on premise exchange server.
However, making the move should not be taken lightly as there are a lot of considerations to be made before deciding to move your organisation’s valuable email data to the cloud.
This is where a 3rd party provider is essential in ensuring your organisation is not left exposed. So whether you are about to move to the cloud or have already moved, MailMeter is an essential tool to provide your organisation with a bullet proof infrastructure.

Already Migrated to Office 365

Office 365 is a fantastic product on its own, but why not make it even better by enhancing the current offering with MailMeter. It may be beneficial and more cost effective to look for a partner to help improve the full package. MailMeter provides the functionality needed for deployment and added security in a cost effective manner.

Secure Copy of All Emails

With MailMeter and Office 365, you can have confidence that you can prove the existence or non-existence of any email. MailMeter keep secure copy of every email sent and received by your organisation. The archive is also tamper proof to ensure integrity meaning you can have 100% confidence in the accuracy of the data.

E-Discovery Module

MailMeter with Office 365 gives you and your employees the ability to easily search and retrieve any email from the archive. Even emails which have been deleted can be easily located and restored. This means your employees will always have a copy of the email they need and you can even access emails belonging to departed employees.


MailMeter provides a reporting system to understand what you do with your email system and gives you insight into how it is used in real-time. Using MailMeter with Office 365 gives you the information you need to make decision based on email usage patterns. Reports can also be scheduled making it easy to provide the information to the relevant users.

Office 365 integration
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Migrating to Office 365

Moving you organisation’s data to the cloud is no minor feat. Enlisting the help of a 3rd party tool such as MailMeter for Office 365 can make the whole process a lot easier. We can help you to make the most of Office 365 during the migration process and well into the future.

Migration of Data

A key question our customers ask is how much data they should migrate. We can advise you on whether to bring all of your data, partial data or no data at all. 80% of corporate data is redundant and we can help you locate this data rather than wasting valuable resources migrating it to a new platform.

Prevent Data Loss

MailMeter with Office 365 provides a safety blanket by creating a copy of your data before it is migrated. This provides you with a fall back in the event that something goes wrong or the process is delayed. Users can also access this copy of your data during the migration process meaning they will still have access to their historical mail.

Single Platform

MailMeter allows you to archive all of your data from multiple platforms. This provides a single searchable repository for all of your email across all platforms. This assists in reducing e-discovery time and costs and also makes it easier for your end-users to find specific emails as they only need to perform one search.

Benefits of MailMeter Office 365

  • Secure copy of all your email in one location
  • Safety blanket to prevent data loss during migration
  • Single platform provides easy to search repository of data
  • Assistance with identifying data for migration
  • Ensure data is migrated in a compliant manner

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