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MailMeter Retention Manager is a comprehensive, easy to use and powerful retention management solution for protecting and enforcing your retention policies.

Our Retention Manager module offers a powerful and flexible option for organisations that need more granular control of email retention and destruction.

The ability to create multiple retention categories and tags and assign different periods to specific users and departments gives you total control over email retention and destruction.

Enforce Retention Policies

One of the greatest assets of an email archive is control over the retention of messages in the archive. With Retention Manager, you can ensure that your retention policy is adhered to by creating retention categories and tags or setting custom retention periods for individual users or emails.

Intelligent Destruction

MailMeter Retention Manager automatically evaluates your retention policy on every scheduled run. If the policy has been changed at any time, the module will automatically enforce the new policy and purge emails tagged for deletion on its next run. This allows you to intelligently control not only retention but also destruction of email.

Avoid Accidental Deletion

The ability to retain specific emails or messages from specific users and apply a litigation hold to relevant mails allows you to avoid accidental or wilful deletion. For example, applying a litigation hold to an email will ensure that it will be retained past its normal retention period. After the mail is no longer required, removing the litigation hold will mean the mail is automatically purged on the next scheduled run.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Implementing an adequate retention policy is key to ensuring regulatory compliance. Your business may be subject to a large number of regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, HIPAA and GDPR. The ability to create sophisticated and granular retention policies with MailMeter Retention Manager will help your business to achieve regulatory compliance.

MailMeter Retention Manager Benefits

  • Enforce email retention policies
  • Protect against accidental deletion
  • Prevent wilful destruction of email
  • Meet regulatory requirements

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