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MailMeter Storage Manager is an email storage management solution that overcomes the problems associated with large mail stores and can reduce email server storage by up to 80%/

Reducing email server storage means improved reliability and performance, reduced backup and restore times and savings on the costs associated with these.

Your user will also benefit from bottomless mailboxes and the ability to access every email and attachment they have ever sent or received.

Reduce Storage Space

MailMeter Storage Manager helps to reduce the size of your email server by up to 80%. Storage Manager lets you control the amount of data stored on your server by setting rules for specific email categories, folders and attachment types. You will also benefit from single instance storage as MailMeter Storage Manager only retains one copy of an attachment rather than multiple copies in each user’s mailbox.

Eliminate PST/NSF Files

End-users can benefit from bottomless mailboxes as a result of MailMeter Storage Manager. By moving attachments from the email server to lower cost storage and taking advantage of single instance storage, mailbox quotas become a thing of the past. This removes the need for users to store PST files locally which are difficult to monitor and manage. Storage Manager allows you to put emails back into the mailbox where they belong.

Reduce Backup Time and Costs

Backup and restore times are directly related to the amount of data stored on the email server. Moving attachment from the email server to lower cost storage means that less media is required for backups and they are quicker and more efficient and less data means a reduction in server restore time.

Improve Reliability and Performance

Email servers were never intended to be used as document storage systems. However, due to the large number of attachments sent and received by users, this is essentially what they have become. Moving this data from the email server means Outlook runs faster and results in improved reliability and performance for all users.

Take Advantage of Stubbing

MailMeter Storage Manager allows you to give users access to every email and attachment they have ever received or sent while still reducing server storage space. The stubbing process moves attachments from your email server to lower cost storage and leaves a tiny stub link. This process is seamless for end-users and means they can still access their content in the same way they always have.

MailMeter Storage Manager Benefits

  • Reduce email server storage by up to 80%
  • Improve server reliability and performance
  • Reduce backup and restore times and costs
  • Eliminate the need for PST and NSF files
  • User benefit from bottomless mailboxes

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