What is SISCIN?

SISCIN is a File Analysis and Archiving solution hosted in Azure. It’s a single dashboard for full visibility of your entire file server data. Allowing the creation of policies based on data profile for retention, deduplication or archiving, enabling full control in managing your file data. With flexible storage control to archive directly to the Cloud or locally. Giving organisations the performance and scalability of the Cloud with their existing server infrastructure.

Available in SISCIN is a new module called Vue-X which provides advanced content indexing, search capabilities to analyse, identify, locate, retrieve and delete data for DSAR or e-Discovery management.

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How SISCIN Works?



Full drill-down reporting analysis of file data identifying attributes such as owner, type, size, location, age etc.


Set Policies

Now you understand your data, you can control your data by implementing retention, deduplication, archiving and analysis policies including ‘what if’ analysis.


Select your Data Destination

Move your data securely in a compressed and encrypted format directly to the Cloud or locally.

SISCIN with Vue-X

SISCIN with Vue-X has been introduced by popular demand to assist with GDPR compliance as it will facilitate search of relevant Unstructured File Data.

Add SISCIN with Vue-X as an option to enhance your compliance and respond to DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) requests promptly.

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Why Cloud Works for you?

  • Infrastructure is hosted within Azure with a simple drop-in 7KB agent on to existing servers.
  • Provides scalability on demand to meet your organisations demands in time.
  • Removes the need for traditional on-premise infrastructure such as SQL which reduces cost, management and time.
  • Start your organisation’s journey to the Cloud.

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Intelligent Management

Empower Data Managers to understand, identify and clean your data. Remove obsolete data and clean your data profile in preparation for GDPR.

Reduction of Time

Reduce the pressures and demands on employees by giving them the tools to control and manage their unstructured file data from one central dashboard.


Bit Level Encryption – SISCIN compresses and encrypts data on your servers before transfer. Selected files can be split and stored in different Cloud or Local Tiered Storage locations and with different Cloud providers for additional security.


SISCIN with Vue-X provides advanced content indexing, search capabilities to analyse, identify, locate, retrieve and delete data for DSAR or e-Discovery management.

Reduction of Cost

Management of Tier 1 Storage. Removal of redundant, obsolete, non-business critical data to Tier 2 or 3 Storage. Leading to the reduction of back-up costs. The choice of multiple storage pools to meet your organisations data profile i.e. *HOT, COLD, ARCHIVE, or Local Existing Disk.

Advantages of SISCIN

  • Peerless Unstructured Data File Analysis
  • Secure Company Data in the Cloud
  • Encryption of Archived Data
  • Compress Cold/Historical Data
  • Direct Line to the Cloud
  • Reduction of Back up Times
  • Save Money on Local Server Storage
  • Reduction of Back up Costs
  • Flexible and Scalable Cloud Storage
  • Search your file data for eDiscovery purposes
  • Save previously used search templates
  • Use saved filters for search criteria to save time
  • Analyse, identify, locate, retrieve and delete data for DSAR or e-Discovery management
  • Boolean type Search allows fully customisable wider search capabilities
  • SISCIN Search includes Wordlists and user predefined customisable Templates

Where do I start with a Cloud Migration project?

Install SISCIN as a first step in providing both oversight and in-depth analysis of your file system content.

SISCIN’s dashboard and analytical reporting displays all information in a clear and simple format allowing you to quickly understand all your data

How do I understand which data I should move?

SISCIN will identify any redundant files for deletion and highlight valuable data allowing you to make informed decisions about what data is suitable for migration into the cloud.

SISCIN’s easy to use policies will allow you to start moving selected data to the Cloud.

How secure will my Cloud data be and who could access it illegally or through legal challenge / government request?

SISCIN compresses and encrypts data on server before transfer. Selected files can be split and stored in different locations for additional security.

Despite the rise in news stories about hacking and government requests, prying eyes can see nothing of value – we put it beyond reach!

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The Cost of Uncontrolled Storage

Does storage growth seem out of control? IDC estimates that the overall volume of digital bits created, replicated and consumed across the United States will hit 6.6 zettabytes by 2020 – doubling in volume about every three years. Data that you will be paying to store, protect, and manage.

Estimated File growth of 6.6 zettabytes by 2020

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