WT Suite

A comprehensive email & file data management, archiving & compliance system

What are the Benefits of using WT Suite

WT Enterprise Suite is a bundled solution, offering both our products, MailMeter and File Archiver, in one package the benefits of using WT Suite are outlined below:

  • You can save resources as WT Suite (Email & File Modules) can be installed on the same server.
  • The modules within WT Suite complement each other for example comprehensive reporting across your email traffic & across your network.
  • It’s cost effective to purchase both modules together.
  • You can reduce primary back-ups and primary disk space.
  • Data management synergy across 2 data sets often with the same content
  • Installation and management of product set is treated as one reducing cost of management.


MailMeter is an easy to use and affordable email archiving solution for your business. MailMeter captures and pre-indexes every email in real time to provide a complete, unalterable secure email archive.

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FileArchiver helps your business manage the exponential growth of data by providing a cost effective storage management solution by analysing your data, deleting unwanted files and archiving the remainder according to pre-set rules.

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